The first oil change of the Panamera Turbo-The cost was 47,558 yen

971 Delivery of new Panamera
Porsche Panamera

WEC's Novelty Goods

Although I did not notice at all, when I went to WEC the other day, there was a hat and a passport holder in the Porsche bag of the souvenir received at the official lounge of Porsche.

The hat also has a sponsor 's logo, but her husband seems to drive this time with this hat on. Appearance is perfectly related to Porsche and (laugh)

Oil change and inspection

By the way, yesterday was the first inspection and oil change of the Panamera Turbo, but since there were inspections and anything, I thought it would be the next day to come back, so it was helpful. I was told yesterday that a substitute car was out and could not be prepared, but there would be no problem if it was one day.

There seemed to be no particular problem concerning the display of the PSM failure which I was concerned about.It seems that ACC will be lost if heavy rain,It may have been indicated due to heavy rain the other dayIt was said.

Also, this Panamera can store the specifications in the key finely,As I did, as I did it the settings did not go well no matter how many times I did ... When I set it up to H, it worked in only about 30 seconds. No, nothing why.

Panamera's touch panel operation this time is quite confusing. Since you can set the details of the vehicle in detail, it is difficult to find out where there are setting parts accordingly.

For example, when you wanted to release handle assist. Whether it is in the vehicle, in the assistance, in control, in the touch panel ...(It is certainly in assistance) If you do not remember such things firmly, you can not set it up quickly. It seems better to read Panamera's manual properly.(After that I wrote an article like this ↓ ↓)

Panamera's touch panel and button operation - I've listed five convenient functions.

A convenient function by a husband who operated Panamera's touch panel to every corner

What is the initial oil change amount?

Well, looking at the details of this oil change,

· Initial inspection: free
Engine oil change: 11,800
· ENGINE OIL (SJ / 5W-50 / 0.1 L): 27, 740
· Oil filter replacement: 3,564
· Total labor cost: 15,444
· Total parts: 32, 114
Total: 47,558 (tax included)

It was that. I do quite well. The engine oil of Porsche is high and it enters 9.5 liters, so the engine oil is quite expensive. By the way, when you change oil yourself,"Mobil 1 5W-50 Excellent Wear Protection"I heard that it is good.

Well, since I have not gone on Panamera Turbo this week, let's get on this weekend!

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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Good evening Mina, sir.
    Panamera is also entering engine oil 9.5 liters.
    I did not know that.
    It is 4.5 liters in my type R.
    Porsche GT 2 and GT 3 are also about the same amount of oil?

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    That's right, I am 9.5 liters.
    It seems that GT 3 and Boxster are 7.5 - 8 liters.
    It was supposed to run on the circuit,
    In order to distribute engine oil to details,
    It seems that there is a lot of engine oil in any car ^ _ ^