To the Hakone turnpike with a new Panamera turbo.

Touring notes
WEC who will be the last to participate in Porsche.

From today, I have come to Fuji Speedway to watch WEC. To be accurate, today is a qualifying session, so I went to see the race of tomorrow ahead of me.WEC is an abbreviation for the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship,It is one of the world championship of the endurance race.In this race, Porsche is going to be the last to have this schedule, so "We have to go see this" was scheduled from a while ago.

So today, I get up at 5 o'clock in the morning, get ready for a bang, get on the Panamera turbo delivered the other day, deposit my daughters at my parents house, our couple go straight one way east.

First we headed to Hakone Turnpike.

Unfortunately rain.

Since Hakone Turnpike is "the road on which car graphic TV is being recorded", I have seen it many times and thought that I wanted to run and see it but the weather was worrisome. For some time I managed to keep up with the weather, but gradually the sky became unpleasant ...

The mist came in shortly. By the time it gets to the top, this is the way it is.

Wow Fuji Forest nothing. .

As usual, on Saturdays, runners and car parks full of cars were rattling as you can see.

To her husband,

"Why is heavy rain and heavy fog!Something strange happens every time when everyone is there. "

It was said. surely. Juice does not come out even if you push the button with vending machine, and software that can be installed without problems can be done with errors as I do. Well I can not deny that strange things will happen.

I'm changing driving from here!

And, rethinking, driving here from my husband to drive me, departing in the fog!

For the first time driving the mountain path with the Panamera turbo,What I felt the first is the accuracy of handling.Earlier Panamera edition also felt "there is no gap of 1 mm"This time Panamera Turbo,"There is no deviation of 0.1 mm".As I thought, as I cut the steering wheel, it turns like a straight line. It was as if I was united with the car.

This is the most human being horse.

Also, even if you bend a continuous curve on the mountain path, there is no feeling that you will bring your body outside with centrifugal force. As if skiing, it bends when it gets busy. Moreover, it does not feel fine dust such as a giant feeling which is 5 meters long and weighs more than 2 tons. It seemed that he was driving a small sports car.

My husband also"It's as though I'm driving a Boxster."I was deeply moved. Just like this,"I turned on the option of rear axle steering"Because it is big. Under normal circumstances, even if the steering wheel is turned off, only the front tire will bend, but by thinking of the tire at the back, I think that it gets to be more smoothly turning. So, although it is such a big car, it is easy to park.

Panamera turbo, it's a really amazing car.

What is amazing is not just handling.

In addition to handling, brakes are also wonderful. When you step on the brake pedal, there is no play and it grabs the ground a lot and surely reduces speed. There is no fear or sudden braking feeling there. Well, Motor Journalist Goro Okazaki also said "Brake is pleasant".

While talking about such a husband,

"Since the brakes of Porsche are amazing, when it comes to collision with an oncoming vehicle by any chance, do not try to avoid it with the steering wheel, and stepping on the brakes without fail. Then calm down with a handle. If you rush with the steering wheel, it will be a serious accident. "

I was saying that time.

How, three deer,It suddenly jumped out to the road! ! ! ! !

(The photograph is an image)

Wow! ! !

When I stepped on the brake quickly, Panamera stopped for a while on the spot. And the deer crossed us ahead as if nothing had happened.

No, no, I heard that deer comes out.(Although there was a sign)

No way No way. My heart stopped unexpectedly, and a strange sweat came out at once. Even so, it was really nice to have no idea to win a deer in a new car Panamera. My husband,

"Oh yeah, I feel like I am now! But I still hesitated, so I'm going to step deeper into it! Even so, although I have come here many times, there is never a deer coming out (-_-) "

I said. There is no word to return. With the appearance of a deer, my strength was exhausted at once, and the game was over soon. I switched to driving with my husband on the way. I hope that tomorrow will not cause strange things.

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  1. boyasuke

    It is wonderful to Hakone expedition immediately to the next day of car delivery
    Here, the production frame is still not decided but options are increasing little by little
    Are you not accustomed to break-in?
    Since it seems to be disappointing, it will be helpful if you can tell me your idea
    Is it a connect system? If you can use it on articles, it will be helpful if you post articles

  2. panamera-life

    Ms. boyasuke
    Thank you!
    East Japan can have lots of pleasant roads.
    Regarding break-in driving, I received a lecture for my husband for about an hour now, so I will write it on my blog again.
    As for the connect system, I will write it by article by studying well if I am well accustomed!
    I hope the production frame will be determined soon!