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Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is blog administrator Mina. Well this time, I started planning the interview "Porsche Supporters file" to everyone who supports Porsche behind the scenes. The first step runs a maintenance factory in Porsche Main in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefectureb-force (Be Force)Mr. Ichiro Sasabe. I love Porsche and starting to a maintenance factory ... ... I got to tell you the Porsche love overflowing!

Chapter 1. Now

About 1-1: b-force

What is the service of - Beeforth?
Mainly, it is maintenance, car inspection service, secondhand car sales, parts sales. Since I like Porsche, I usually deal with Porsche, but if there is a request from the customer, I will also develop other manufacturers such as BMW, VW, Mercedes · Benz. Also in Porsche there are stores like "only air-cooled" or "911 only"We are receiving 914.924.944.968, even Panamera, Cayenne, basically anything is accepted.

- What kind of concrete are you asking for maintenance?
For example, Boxster, which is located in front of a shop now, was contacted by the owner, saying, "The hoops are gone. Also, "I would like to put my favorite oil", some customers can bring in oil change with bringing in."Because you can never do it at a dealer, I came to ask Mr. Beforce"There are many customers who say. We may overhaul the old air cooled Porsche.

1-2: About air cooling and water cooling

- What is the difference between air cooling and water cooling? Porsche is air-cooled! I heard that there are many fans say ...
"Air cooling" and "water cooling" refer to how to cool the engine. In the case of air-cooled Porsche, fins are attached to the engine itself, and as the name implies, "air" is added to cool the engine. On the other hand, water cooling takes coolant water such as coolant liquid to get the heat of the engine.
Porsche's commercial cars have long been air-cooled horizontally opposed six cylinders of RR (the engine is mounted on the rear of the body and rear-wheel driven), so I think that the part that was the identity of Porsche is great. Also,Among other companies nearly shifted to water cooling, "The only thing Porsche has been doing air cooling" was also great for the fansI guess.
Nevertheless, in air cooling, it was a condition that raising the performance further in terms of horsepower and thermal efficiency was a limit,Porsche released in 1997 became "last air cooled Porsche".It seems that the cooling efficiency improved by cooling with water, and after that it became increasing horsepower even if lowering the displacement.

- And it is amazing that the former air-cooled Porsche still remains healthy ...
Because Porsche is also putting effort into the restore division, many of the old parts can still be ordered. Also customers"I want to continue riding long in an important air-cooled Porsche"Because we ask you to think as if we do, we want to respond firmly to the customer's feelings.

Chapter 2. Up to now

2-1: Until being fascinated by Porsche

- Did you like cars from children? What?
Yes, I liked it. Forty years ago from now, when I was ten years old, the world was a supercar boom. Many children, including me, were captivated by the supercar. The elementary school I attended at the time was along Route 43, so I took a look at the supermarket running over the road, with my friends and windows on a break every time I had breaks.I like Lamborghini just as a child. The sound was very cool.Porsche ... I did not like that much. I was reading the manga "Circuit of wolf" at that time, but the hero was on Lotus Europe, the rival was roughly riding in Porsche ... (lol) It is nostalgic.

- I liked Ranball Gini, why to Porsche fans?
One day when I was 20 years old, when I was driving home at a famous car and a domestically produced car at midnight, I found a figure of the Porsche 911SC in front. So I decided to go out with a friend "Let's Porsche!" And I tried desperately to overtake it with about 180 km.If I was going to take 180 kilometers from a domestic car, the car body was tough and tough, but (laugh)So I managed to get through Porsche and I was pleased that "Positively! I pulled out Porsche!" In a short while, in the next moment the Porsche was stretched out with a great speed (lol)
When I saw the Porsche pulling away with a tremendous acceleration force, I was impressed that "This is Porsche!", And since then I became a fan of Porsche.

2-2: Encounter at a car shop

Is it the goal to buy a Porsche from there?
I agree. I wanted it, but because I will make the price as it is, I can not buy it immediately. For a while I was in a domestic car. However, when I thought that I was going to catch the next accident with that car, when I saw a friend already on 911, I started to think "Porsche is good" after all.
However, since Porsche is expensive and inaccessible, I decided to retrofit the Volkswagen Beetle my father was riding at the time.Originally it is a car made by Porsche, so it is probably like a Porsche (lol)
I immediately contacted a shop that will tune Volkswagen Wagen but I could not keep in touch with "I am too busy" ... I found that Porsche 914 is out on second-hand car magazines. It is called Porsche called Wagen Porsche because it is loaded with Wagen's engine, but I went to see an imported car dealer that is located nearby. However, when I went to see it I already sold it.

ー ー ー Sorry ...! !
But I just could not give it up, after a year I went to the shop again. Then the owner"I myself, I came last year too!"And remember me"Is there a Wagen Porsche now?"I heard that "I have imported just one unit!" I bought that Wagen Porsche because it was a price that I could reach in terms of money as well.
From that point on, I turned on audio on my own or started teasing little by little, and while I was doing that, the company I was working on collapsed with the bubble's awkwardness. After that, I went to the shop where I bought a Porsche on a weekday, I got an oil change from the owner"What are you doing on week days?"I was asked."Actually the company has gone."I mean"Why do not you work at home?"I was told to work, and I decided to work there. I was 23 years old.

- Did you study the maintenance work at the shop?
Well, that's right. The shop was originally a repair shop, so I was able to learn a lot of technical things. In addition, I was able to accompany me to visit and purchase to the USA, and I got a very valuable experience. If you are a dealer, I've just joined the company and I can not have such experience.
Also, the workplace where I worked so far was a cake shop and an apparel company, working from early morning till late night, going to business on a daily basis, being refused and being mentally and physically difficult, I thought that car shop is heaven.My house is close, I can chase my favorite car, I do not have to do business, I do not have to work until early morning until late night, but I can get salary (laugh)Well I was happy.
Nonetheless, as I entered this path from the public in general, it was late, so I bought books and learned hard, "I must finish the difference."

2-3: Encounter at a car shop

- From that time on, have you thought about future independence?
Yes. Before becoming a member of society"I want to do something on my own in the future"I thought. Eventually the shop retired in about three years, then started working at the Toyonaka shop that remodeled and tuned Porsche. However, as the site of the shop was small, we decided to relocate to the large site of Kawanishi and it was "Good to start shop here from now!" As soon as the man who operated at the main quit is not it.
"I already contracted so I can not turn back."So I decided to cut it out with me, 3 part-time workers, part-time job at that time. At that time, when the visitor came, then went to eat rice, ran to the mountain path with that foot, customized the customer's car I met on the circuit ... ... Although it was hard to have the Great Hanshin Earthquake, everyone I worked hard, I worked there for 6 years.

- After that, did you start Beforce independently?
Yes. In December 2000, I began a beforce at the age of 33. I was doing hard tuning and remodeling in my previous job, so here I thought that I do not want to do as much as possible.If the degree of remodeling becomes severe, it will cost money and will not return to the original.Also, those who are riding in Porsche are more likely to ride in the state they bought without remodeling.
Even though it is said that there are no customers at the beginning. In the first 5 years I got a job from a car shop, a car inspection and a check before a car delivered, as main shops and used car dealers go to sales and get a job, the number of customers has increased little by little, I will. Recently these days, foreign tourists who came to see the old sake brewer often came to pass,Before this, Canadian tourists told me "Take me a picture!" (Laugh)I am glad that you can make a voice from tourists as well.

Chapter 3. From now

3-1: Future prospects

- What do you want to do with your store in the future?
It does not change from the beginning"I want to continue to be a shop that can do what the customer wants to do"I think. I would like to take care of what I can do because I am not a dealer. For example, when going to a dealer, it is said that "Please replace all obscene parts!", Expenses for car inspection and maintenance and repair will be expensive.
But"It's best to have 100, but it's okay with a minimum of 70 required"There are many things that is not it. After explaining the fact firmly to the customer, we ask the customer to decide whether to exchange or see the situation a little more. For that reason, we value the dialogue with our customers on a daily basis and we are building a relationship that allows us to discuss anything with ease.

- What do you wish for the future Porsche, what do you expect?
Since there is current trends and environmental problems, it is natural that Porsche in the future will develop hybrid cars and electric cars, but at the same time"Even with the old Porsche, I will restore and continue riding for a long time"I would like you to keep treating that as well. Porsche is putting efforts into making departments to restore classic cars ahead of other companies. Even now it is possible to order 356 parts, even if there are old parts and there are too many orders to create new parts as well. I'd like those attitudes to go through. Also, I want you to continue to race.

In the end, "What is a Porsche for you?"
Er ... It's a difficult question. I have never thought of such a thing. Now I am working surrounded by Porsche, so I am not "adored" or "target" ...Just, "I love Porsche"!(Lol)
When I was a child, I liked Ferrari and Lamborghini, but now I am good at Porsche. It feels like it fits me. Also, there are many good people like Porsche owners (laugh) I will continue to do a good job while surrounded by Porsche.

【Impression of blog administrator】
It was an interview that felt Porsche love quietly. "I will restore and shape the feeling of the owner who wishes to keep on getting on for a long time even with the old Porsche" Mr. Sasabe from b-force who is doing a wonderful job. It is a very kind and frank president, "Please feel free to call us", so why do not you visit once, too?

【About b-force】
· Company name: b-force (Beforce)
· Representative: Ichiro Sasabe
· Business description: Maintenance service vehicle inspection, secondhand car sales, parts sales
· Location: 3-11-13 Mikagezuka cho, Higashi Nada-ku, Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City
· Telephone: 078-858-9930 (Please feel free to call us)
· Opening hours: 10 am - 5 pm (holiday closed)
· Official website:http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~b-force/profile.html

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