Porsche Panamera Turbo Turismo vs new Panamera, which one should you buy?

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Panamera's test drive comparison

I found such an interesting article in the article of GQJAPAN.
How to choose Porsche Panamera ─ ─ The newest turbo sports Turismo vs. Southern Panamera 【First part】

Certainly there will be some people who are lost in choosing Panamera in the future as "Doing Panamera or Sports Turismo". Just this time"Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo vs. Panamera"As it is a comparison, simply"Panamera Turbo vs. Panamera"Will it be a comparison? Nonetheless, it is a matter of great concern how car critic judge it, so I read an article.

Panamera's lineup is 16 kinds!

I was surprised immediately that it seems that there are 16 different Panamera lineups.

That was so much (_ _)! What?

Although I do not doubt, I examined on the official website of Porsche Japan whether there are really 16 types.

1) Panamera Models
① Panamera ② Panamera 4 ③ Panamera 4 Executive ④ Panamera 4 Sports Turismo ⑤ Panamera 4 S ⑥ Panamera 4 S Executive ⑦ Panamera 4 S Sports Turismo
2) Panamera E-Hybrid Models
⑧ Panamera SE Hybrid ⑨ Panamera 4 E Hybrid Executive ⑩ Panamera 4 E Hybrid Sports Turismo ⑪ Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid ⑫ Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid Executive ⑬ Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid Sports Turismo
3) Panamera Turbo Models
⑭ Panamera Turbo ⑮ Panamera Turbo Executive ⑯ Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo

... There are 16 kinds in total - (゚ д ゚)! !

Due to the appearance of Sports Turismo, the lineup has increased by five.

About driver's seat and back seat

Well well. What I am comparing in this article is the standard type Panamera which is the most basic model(Main unit price 116.2 million yen)And one of the expensive models Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo(Main unit price 2453.3 million yen)Two of them.

First of all, regarding Panamera, it was written like this.

Although it has the function of a saloon in the lineup, as a Porsche it is unusual as a so-called saloon if it fits in the driver's seat only to Panamera which also expresses that it is a highly practical sports car It is understood that the seat is low.

Well - I guess so.

When I was considering buying 970 Panamera at our house, I tried the BMW 7 series as well. But then I did not notice the low seat of the seat and the difference as I did not get on Panamera only once, and I was not very interested in the car. Just read this article "After all, Panamera is a sports car no matter how far it is. "I thought again.

Also, the back seat is written like this.

Rear seats are also independent bucket type, which is not a relaxing space unlike a normal large saloon, but the feeling of holding a body on a seat with a good hold is sporty and there is a unique sense of security. Of course, both the leg room and the head room have enough room to afford.

It is truly right. The rear seats of Panamera are made independent and sporty one by one, but they say"I can not relax at all"It is not that I get tired even if I ride a long distance. My husband said it would be slightly higher from the average height of the Japanese at 178 cm, but still said he could sit comfortably.

What is the comparison of running?

Then, how about running about it?

· Impression that performance is absolutely ample.
· If you step down under any circumstances, you can get almost as much acceleration as you want without feeling turbo lag.
· Engine sound is not particularly sensual, but it is comfortable to the ear.
· Normal, as well as sports and sports plus, will never come to visit pushing up as hard as possible.
· It is only spoken for practical sports cars, and cornering is also sporty.
· Behavior at the corner is easier than imagining from body size, steering is accurate, load holding is enough.
· Strangely feeling it, you can run through the winding keeping fast pace.
... So it was an honest impression that Panamera, a simple model is enough.

That's exactly right! Car critic people are professional as expected. I feel sensual, "Something wonderful! Honma Panamera awesome!It can only be touched like a feeling, so it is truly amazing to be able to express such precisely and respect it.

The article continues to the second part

The article is organized in two parts, the second part is mainly written about Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo.How to choose Porsche Panamera ─ ─ The newest turbo sports Turismo vs. Panamera [second part]

Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo,With a 4 liter V8 twin turbo engine, despite the weight exceeding 2 tons, 0-100 km / h acceleration is 3.8 seconds and the maximum speed is 304 km / h. This Panamera Turbo Turismo seems to have optional rear axle steering.

· If you stepped in deeper, send a bad torque to four wheels, increase the speed of the worm.
· Since the sports exhaust system is installed as an option, it blows out a lot of explosive when stepping on.
· If you manipulate your right foot with reason, you behave in a relaxed manner in a traffic jam.

Also, it was also written in this way.

"Although it is possible to run without problems on winding roads, it is difficult to taste the light feeling that it felt in Panamera."

surely. This may be the same feeling of Panamera Turbo at our house. When I got on Panamera by trial ride, it started light and it was light. But I thought that like the previous Panamera edition, I feel that somehow a heavy feeling remains. Also, such a description.

"The stability in high-speed cruising is amazing, so it's hard to run within legal speed." (Laugh)

Understand (¯ ー ¯) ... Just stepping on a little bit, I can not write very fast on my blog.

Which is better after all?

That's why the article has been closed.

The direction in which the hierarchy when Panamera is passed each other in town is greatly worrisome is that if you choose Turbo Sports Turismo, there should be nearly no win except when you encounter a hybrid system. Meanwhile, I would like to recommend Panamera in its element that it is not interested in such hierarchy.

Hierarchy when Panamera passes each other (laugh) ... But in fact there are many things I do not know instantly though.

My husband and I"If it is Panamera or Sports Turismo, choose Panamera without hesitation"It is a view, but the reason is design.I like the current rear Panamera design which is approaching streamlined 911 rather than hatchback feeling.But I think that this is a part that can be divided by individual preference.

My brother gave Panamera sports Turismo

And last week the husband's brother seems to have bought the Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo. Also, my brother-in-law brother-in-law. It seems that the car delivery is in the middle of June, so I'd love to have it on the back seat as it is OK. I thought that I wanted to write the difference between Panamera Turbo and Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo I felt there ...

I would like to wait for delicious cars in June.

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