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"Do not mind fuel economy"

Those who have taken care of themselves from their daily lives the other day"981 Boxster Black Edition"I was bought, so we met and we heard stories.(I would like to introduce the content at that time again with the Porsche Owner's file)

The tie-up with that person has been for 10 years now, but I am the most excited to meet you"No, Boxster is the best!"With the eyes shining and being told, I again felt that "the power of Porsche" is amazing.

It was this content that remained in the impression as I said in that case.

"I will attack the pass road and take a street ride and my fuel economy of Boxster is roughly 10 km / L to 11 km / L so I do not think it is bad ...If you get on Porsche in the first place, you should not mind fuel economy.I do not have any concerns about fuel consumption and riding. Porsche is a car that fully enjoys driving! "

And ... I see. However I heard these story not once or twice,Most of the Porsche owners we met until now said "Do not mind fuel consumption to ride a Porsche"I think so.

Those who were previously waiting for delivery of Panamera 4E hybrid wrote comments on this blog,

Personally I was attracted to Porsche by looking at 919hybrid who was active in Le Mans and wanted to experience the technology, I decided to Panamera 4E Hybrid. I am not very concerned about ecology.

It was that. Husband also regularly"When you care for fuel economy to ride Panamera turbo, I will do my best"they said.

Nevertheless, from air cooling to water cooling, from NA to turbo, now the Porsche fuel economy is much better than the old Porsche, our home Panamera Turbo is also the power and power of thatThis fuel efficiencyI guess it is not bad, though.

What is the opinion of the Porsche owner on the net?

In the first place, it would be better to take an eco car if you value importance on fuel economy, and those who buy Porsche are not asking for "eco" or "good fuel economy" ... When I looked it up on the net and looked it up, Porsche I found these comments on fuel economy.

Even though I am riding a Porsche with much pains, I wonder how much it makes sense to mind fuel economy and suppress performance,It is also an honest place that I feel like I am.

In my opinion, the fuel efficiency of Cayenne is not good. High driving performance I think that it can not be helped. I think that purchasing is difficult if it is not understandable regarding fuel economy.Cayenne is an attractive car, so if you own it you will not mind about fuel economyis.

I am choosing a high-price sporty car in search of running, but if I get run down due to fuel economyright.

If you are trying to purchase 911 Turbo S,I do not care much about fuel consumptionIt might be.

I see. This time, I tried collecting only the voice of people who do not care about fuel economy, but in the first place"There are surprisingly few articles mentioning Porsche's fuel economy"As it was an impression, I thought that the world itself is that "Porsche is not asking for the goodness of fuel efficiency so far".

How is Okazaki's view?

And further investigation, Motor journalist Goro Okazaki found an article saying like this. In this article"Okazaki's own vehicle selection"Although it was written about,

I never chose a car with fuel efficiency. I do not think that I do not care about fuel economy, but I think that I like my favorite car, a fun car, a car that suits me, I want to ride a car that raises my mood, and then I feel lucky if I am good in fuel economy.
* I want to go with the car of Okazaki Goro vol.85 Justice of car selection

surely! ! After all I thought again that the expression of the motor journalist is accurate and professional. Many of the Porsche owners probably have this feeling.

I am also planning to buy Porsche by myself in the future(I'm curious about 911 Targa recently),If you buy a Porsche, you do not have to worry about fuel economy that it is important to make a profitable momentYou know. I will hang on.

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  1. shimoyannjp

    I also peeked at today, shimoyannjp. Hello Mina.

    It's about fuel economy. When I previously owned 964, my age may be younger than now and may not matter much, but since the penalty for drunk driving has been much lighter than it is now, I can drive and drive I judge myself to see if it is somewhat selfish, even when I think it is a bit dangerous, save speed and get on.
    At that time, I think that a man of drunkards was a trainee of drunk driving and that I just happened to be not cleared.

    So, I drink alcohol and go home, but at first I noticed slowly, the driving is getting better than usual. And sometimes it is not something to write around here.

    Well, it will turn white It was not bothering about fuel economy at all.

    The 996 now is a limited road speed, + 10 km / 10 km / km, which is a narrow road, an ordinary road, recently increased to neighborhoods and a multi-lane road which is maintained as fast as it is, I try to calm down slowly as a guide around h. Shamefully, it may be one of the reasons for driving such as having been cleared for over over 30 km / h on an automobile exclusive road about a year ago. Last year it was my first visit since I got my regular license, but it has been cleared. I was surprised there was a fine month for a little car loan. Hahaha.
    Of course, I skip it occasionally. Even for the health of the engine, it is not good to just turn it all over. It is divided by the number of liters of fuel that entered the mileage every time gasoline is lubricated. This may be like a habit. I feel like I'm looking for a car. Since it does not ride the long distance almost, it fits between 5.8 km / l and 8.8 km / l. I have never felt like I was having trouble with fuel economy.

    Even if you are running slowly, PORSCHE is a fun car. Even though you are running slowly, that's why fuel efficiency is not good. Uh ~ ー It does not matter at all after all (^ ^).

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      Always thank you ^ ^

      After all, both now and past, the conclusion that fuel economy is not bothered at all (lol)
      Even though I drunk somewhat, I often listened to the story that I drank back and got home, but recently it's gone.

      For the engine as well, I want to run somewhat round and run,
      Even if you run slowly, it's fun,
      Expressway cruising is also fun,
      After all PORSCHE always thinks that it is a car that was born to enjoy running, no matter where I go.

      Even those who know Porsche like air cooling and water cooling like this, like shimoyannjp,
      Even those who are air-cooled, those who are riding a new PORSCHE,
      Everyone who is riding a Porsche of the era commonly said,
      I think Porsche is amazing again.

      > Every time gasoline is lubricated, it is divided by the number of liters of fuel that entered the mileage. This may be like a habit.
      My husband is always doing (laugh) Certainly this certainly seems to be computing to figure out "How was my car's running and the car's condition this time?" Rather than mind about fuel economy ^ ^