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Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is blog administrator Mina. On this occasion,Porsche Carrera CupTT Mr. TT who has won the gentlemen class talked about "charm of race" and "charm of Porsche". While thinking "I hope the racers' circle will spread out as a trigger" ... Please look.

Chapter 1. Meet the Carrera Cup

1-1: winning the endurance race

Immediately, but the other day did you win the endurance race?

That's right. The other day "Pirelli Super Taikyu Series 2018 Round 5 "Motegi Super Endurance Race 5 Hours Race",I won the GT-R of the upper class category ST-X.2 professional drivers and 3 gentlemen drivers like me(Or 4 people)I race for 5 hours, but I ran for 1 hour 15 minutes.

* Image Source:Super Taikyu NEXAUS "Photo Gallery · Part 2" 2018/9/22 ~ 23 5th Round of Motegi Super Endurance 5Hours Race

It is amazing to get a voice to participate in such a place!

The gentlemen driver who is always on the regular race will be going to another race overseas at that time, so I can not get out of the Mottaki Round in a hurry. It seems that the director and the team thought that "I will give up on the competition this time"A director who knew that I had a race experience of the Porsche Carrera Cup and that he was doing a certain track record gave me a voice saying "Do you want to go out this time?"(This race requirement must include one gentlemen driver at any time)

Nonetheless, the race cars have different characteristics for each car, much less Nissan GT - R(GT 3 regulated racing car)I have never experienced riding and it is not a car that I can easily get over without practice. Nevertheless, because of the sudden thing, I could not take any practice time at all, practicing in short-term concentration for somehow, I managed almost the same day in real production. Although Mogi's course himself has run many times, it is the first time to do a complete dry run with the GT-R ... (laugh)

As for this race I am less experienced than other Gentlemen drivers, so both team members"Even finishing may be difficult, so if you can finish the race you're a million years old,"I was talking about. However, when I opened the lid, I won the championship, so the team and the surroundings was really surprised.

What is the point of victory this time?

that is,Director, engineer, member's professional driver, team staff everyone's "comprehensive strength"I think. In addition, there is no pressure in a good sense and there is no pressure, "Director said to the director," Do not worry if you can not win, but please enjoy and run! ", It may have opened up in reverse and relaxed and concentrated .

1-2: From motorcycle race to car race

Have you liked cars since long ago?

I liked bikes since I was in my teens, and at that time I ran well on passs and winding roads. I occasionally participated in a two-wheel motorcycle race held at the circuit, did not he? At the time I first entered the Carrera Cup,"I am not at all nervous." "Why are you relaxing like that?"I was often told, but it may be because I experienced a bit of motorcycle racing when I was young, as I do not care about the circuit itself.

Nonetheless, I did not intend to eat afterwards at the motorbike race which I participated in my teens, so I stayed away from that world for a while.

How did you meet Porsche?

Because it is a super car generation, I knew the brand "Porsche" of course. About 9 years ago from now, work that was focused also paragraphs, suddenly"Life, I'd like to ride a Porsche once"I thought, I bought the second used 996 carrera. after that"I bought a Porsche so much, so I would like to fly on the circuit!"I thought that, when I ran into the running meeting held at Fuji Speedway, I tried running and it was so much fun. After that I continued to run on the circuit.

However, while running on a circuit with a normal Carrera,Every time it is overtaken by GT 3 etc. of the upper model from the sideIt is. I regretted something, "If it was, I was GT 3 too!", I bought GT 3 and started running, I modified it so I could run faster, I started to grass race,This time I will pass through the top class cup car again.Well it can not be helped because it is a pure racing car ... (lol)

And, "What is it !?"

On the other hand"If you modify the GT3 and spend it for it, it's decided to be fast."Some people said that, as I listened to the words, I got lit by the losing of my words. As for this, my wife regrets me,"Already stop qualifying for a commercial car and run with an equal condition cup car (racing car)!"He told me. Because she does not like to lose much more than me (lol)

After that, one day I want to go out to the Carrera Cup! Although I thought, before that I planned to race from a slightly lower category and gradually step up. Just from those acquainted at the Carrera Cup back then"Do not say such a thing, immediately go out to the Carrera Cup!"It is said that, for the first time in 2012, I have participated since the beginning. Now if you notice it has become the oldest eldest among the current participants. (Lol)

1-3: Carrera Cup entry

Do you remember the first Carrera Cup race?

Yes, I remember. It was the opening game of Okayama International Circuit, first appearance, I got 3rd in the Gentleman class and got on the podium.

"I got on the podium at the first race I participated!"I was surprised even by myself (laugh)

At that time, even if I was able to ride on a cup car and run normally, I was not able to get on at all. It is the first time to race with a real racing car. Then, the day of the race.The weather was unfortunately rainy, the circuit was "wet declaration"So many teams were wearing rain tires. However, it has become sunny just before the start.

Every team was forced to make a decision on which tire to go with, but as the track was still wet, almost all the teams were wearing rain tires.
However, the professional who supported me at that time"This is the first race this time, OK if you can finish, let's go up to the middle rankings. If you lose anything, let's try a fight with dry tires!"I said that. Even recklessly (laugh)

At that time, only three cars including our team were chosen, all were rain tires after all, but I spinned at the formation lap and it was a start from the last tail.

I think that everyone in the team was giving up halfway, but the sky has become sunny from around 5, 6 laps. Then it will dry out while the road surface is seeing ...After that, I pulled out so many I could not figure out how many, I finished 15 laps, finish in class third place.
Since I have been continuing to race every year since then, I never ranked third place in the series class rankings. Well, I think that luck is good.
(2018, it became the 4th place in the class for the first time this season ... tears)

Oh ... the goosekaw has arrived ...! Were you losing in the first game, did not you continue racing?

No, because of the inexperienced personality, I would have continued even if I was losing at that time.Racing is a sport of tools and experiences.Rather than playing with "the same ball" like baseball or soccer, the state of the machine will change at all according to your own sense and setting according to the strategy of the team. The rest is that the driver can manipulate it properly.

Young people, of course, have a high physical ability and dynamic body vision, but that is not all the factors to win. I always"A microcosm of life from the start of the race to the checker"I think that it is. Passion is important, but that alone can not win. Self control and strategy are also necessary. There are occasions when it takes one or more races, and sometimes it develops racing with a tripe.

People who race basically do not like to lose, but depending on the person's personality, the strategy of the race varies, so it is very interesting to fight while such people bargaining together.

1-4: The real thrill of racing

Exactly a game - playing world ...

However, since the circuit race is a gentleman sports, everyone treats themselves with respect in competition on the same track. If you enter forcefully in the corner, you can not be a serious accident, and if you think that you are being caught up with a tremendous pace from the back, you may give over without unnecessarily blocking it .

On the contrary when you are side by side with a driver who knows each other well, you may signal by hand that "You, go down!" "You can give up! I am in the middle of the race (laugh)

From the audienceI think that it seems to be like "I am only 15 races aiming at just the first place"There are quite a lot of interactions between drivers in invisible places.

So, as long as I'm doing it for a long time, it is really interesting to compete on it because the movement of the rival will come to my mind as if it is from his personality, it should come out now.

Such bargaining is also the real pleasure of the race?

I agree. It is fun to compete for time, but there is even more fun on the race. Self-control, passion and calmness, a strong feeling that absolutely not lose, bargaining ... ... Based on those, we have to judge instantaneously in every phase. In the sense that "judge, make decisions, act, take out the result", the race is exactly the epitome of life itself.

Also, what you can learn from race peers is truly endless. I think that I am motivated to work hard at work as a living person, as a human being, at work, to live in seniors and associates that I can respect and respect.

1-5: About replacing the race vehicle

Is not there such a serious injury?

The crash crashed in 2014. That year did not appear in the first half of the race, and the race held at Sugoi circuit in Miyagi prefecture was the first race. Practice running on the day I entered the race week, the weather on that day was rain. But I have nothing to worry especially because it is "Because it is raining ...""I wonder what it will rain, but the guys who step on the accelerator will win regardless of circumstances."As I always run with the feeling of being, I felt that way with that feeling that day.

Although practicing running, running running while imagining the qualifying, the time was also shrinking the time in the first half corner, but it was good condition ... middle, from the back straight, in addition to the rain, thin and fogy as well, in front 2 I could see the platform running. Because the two were running on the ideal record lineI thought "They are also attacking ...", but in reality I ran at a totally slow speed than I thought.
When noticing and fully braking, it is already late, and it becomes multiple crash which involved the previous two cars.

In the story confirmed later, I was told that I was running 204 km at the measurement point, the previous two were running at less than 100 kilometers less than my speed ....
There are times when the injury scratch of that time still hurts.

So, are you going to race for a while?

There is no such thing (laugh) Since about a month later, it was the race holding day of the Suzuka Circuit Round, so for that purpose we have to either refresh the body or repair it.Just because it costs a lot of money to repair, after all I bought a new body, I arrived at hand with air freight in less than a week.Air transport is quick! (Lol)
However, because air freight charges and body fees are high, I got quite expensive.

By the way, at what timing will you change the race vehicle?

In order to continue to race, according to the regulations of Porsche, the machine has to be model changed every few years. Therefore, it is necessary to replace it at a fair frequency.
However"Although I will not be on official races, I want a racing car to enjoy only circuit driving."There are quite a few people.
So, of course, depending on the degree of the car, if you ride carefully, I think that the resale of the Porsche Cup car is unexpected better one. There is also a value called Porsche.

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