• Famous Road Map-Koshinetsu

Famous road-Koshinetsu-

Here are some of the famous places in the Koshinetsu region.

Famous Road Map-Koshinetsu

Koshinetsu Namichi

1 fairy tale highway (orange)

Haruna Road Information Group
・ Prefecture: Nagano Prefecture Sasanoho Sagano
・ Running car: Axela Sports (alone), Legend (family)
・ When we ran: Every year except during the winter season, summer and autumn are clear
・ Notes to readers: As car ownership lives in an area essential to life, we intend to have driving experience in various situations, but we have finished running the way we will introduce this time I feel in the same sense that the whole body is purified by putting myself in the magnificentness and clear air of the great nature and feeling above all the greatness and pleasure of the act of "drive" again . It is recommended that you turn off the air conditioner on this section or open all windows and run! (Jewnichi)

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