• Famous Road Map-Kyushu

Here are some of Kyushu's best.

Famous Road Map-Kyushu

Kyushu famous road

1 South Kagoshima sunset tour (blue)

Haruna Road Information Group
・ Concept: Sunset sunset travel. Mountain road from Kagoshima city ~While watching the sunset, you can return to the ocean on your freeway.Reverse rotation OK
-Prefecture: Kagoshima Prefecture
・ Estimated time: about 3 hours
-Running season: All seasons OK (Cherry blossoms in the vicinity of the riverside, capture the rain path in the summer is good, autumn is comfortable + autumn leaves, winter is pure driving + hot spring tour)
・ Information provision: Ma-Bow

2 West Kyushu, a way to enjoy the coast and sunset and ferry trips (blue)

Haruna Road Information Group
・ Concept: A great way to enjoy the ferry trips while enjoying the sunset over Nishi Kyushu.
On the way, there are also Amakusa five bridges and Nagata part seabed roads to enjoy (if there is no time there is also a Skip)
-Prefecture: Kagoshima Prefecture-Nagasaki Prefecture-Kumamoto Prefecture
・ Estimated time: 7 hours are required (Be careful with ferry operation time)
・ Points of interest: Amakusa 5 Bridge and Ushiku Haiya Ohashi are also points of interest. Garden Resort Nagasaki Terrace Hotel, Unzen Kanko Hotel, Amakusa Ship of the Sky, Ishiyama Rikyu Five colors of shoes, etc. are also essential in Najuku.
· Running time: All season OK
・ Information provision: Ma-Bow