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Here are some of the best in Shikoku.

Famous Road Map-Shikoku

Shikoku famous way

1 break in touring (orange)

Haruna Road Information Group
・ Prefecture: Kochi Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture
・ Car which ran: 911 GT3 touring
・ Run time: May 2019
-To the readers: A word by the sea of Shikoku is wide, easy to drive, and very beautiful. Local cars and tourist cars are running a little, but there are also many passing points and I think that I will not be disturbed so much. (Hiro)

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2964 tooling (blue)

Haruna Road Information Group
・ Prefectures: Tokushima Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture
・ The car that ran: 911 (964 C2)
・ Run time: December 2018
・ Notes to readers: I went to winter this time, but the road along the coast to the foot of Muroto, despite being winter, followed by the sky and clouds like summer, was very pleasant. I think that it is very good that Shikoku can run all year round, as there are many roads that can not be passed in winter. (Hiro)

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