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Porsche owners file

The project "Porsche Owner's File" started with requests from blog readers. Here, by delivering the raw voice of the Porsche owner who actually owns Porsche (actual fuel consumption, driving performance, options, etc.), everyone who is considering buying a Porsche and the current Porsche owner It is something to say that we are going to disseminate information useful for you. Please click on the name of the model you want to know and read the article.

»Panamera (Panamera)

> Panamera Turbo

> Panamera 4E Hybrid

> Panamera


> Boxster GTS

> Panamera 4E Hybrid

> Panamera

If you are willing to provide information on your own car to the Porsche Owners file, please apply from the banner below.

【Points to note when applying】
· Only Porsche owners will be (Currently, not to mention the past)
· Anonymous, real name, yes
· Check the manuscript in advance
· Please refrain from contributing for your own business purpose

I would like to contribute to Porsche owners file