site policy

site policy

"Porsche came to our house" Blog operator will continue to manage the blog and will strive to secure and improve the security of the information in the blog and the information kept in order to provide better service .

The copyright and other rights on articles and information posted on this blog are attributed to the owner of whom the blog operator approved. It is prohibited by law to copy, divert, etc. without the permission of the right holder.

The name of the logo etc. on this blog is the trademark or registered trademark of the blog operator. Unauthorized use (duplication, diversion) of trademarks posted on this blog is prohibited without the permission of the operator.

"Action guidelines for personal information protection"
We will arrange and enhance the function of "personal information manager", clarify its role, and improve the system so that personal information administrator can properly carry out activities related to the protection of personal information.
1 Slander, slander, acts that infringe other honor
2 Abusing, slandering, or infringing other honores against specific companies, organizations, products or services thereof
3 Acts that infringe privacy such as posting personal information of others
4 Acts of violating intellectual property rights of other companies or this blog
5 Acts such as sending a harmful computer program
6 Acts of using illegal passwords etc
7 Disclosure of passwords, etc. and making them use our website
8 Public morals and morals and acts contrary to laws and ordinances
9 Other acts judged by the administrator of this blog to be inappropriate

"About the links"
In principle the link of this blog is free, there is no need to contact in advance. However, depending on the content of the website you wish to link to and the linking method, we may ask you to cancel the link. In addition, we understand beforehand that this blog information may be changed without notice.

"About Disclaimer"
1 Information on posted information The information posted on our website is prepared for easy reference by the users through the computer and careful attention shall be paid so as to avoid mistakes and omissions We will. However, the information posted on our website and the information contained in other sites linked to our site may contain inappropriate information such as incorrect description or typographical error, and the accuracy of the information , Completeness, validity and fairness are not guaranteed at all. Regardless of the cause, we are not responsible for any problems caused by malfunctioning of the computer, tampering with data by a third party, data download from our website, etc. We are not responsible at all.

2 The information posted on our website regarding the operation of the website is subject to change without notice. In addition, we may suspend or discontinue the management of our website or a part of it, so please be forewarned. Please note that we are not responsible for any damages caused by any change in information or interruption or discontinuation of the operation of our website or any part thereof regardless of the reason.

If you have any inquiries regarding the above, please contact us as below.

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Date of enactment: March 31, 2018