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No Panamera, No Life.

About this blog

Porsche New Panamera Turbo

Thank you for bringing your blog "Porsche came to our house". My name is Mr. Porsche blogger. 37 years old It is the mother of 2 children. In this blog,"If you like Panamera so much, why do not you start blogging too?"A word from her husband said that it opened in June 2017.

Originally I was not interested in cars at all and thought that it was "unnecessary obstacles such as cars, unnecessary for life"I became a big fan of Panamera now, knowing Porsche after my husband purchased Boxster.Now I am on a Panamera turbo I bought by my husband, but I will struggle in various ways with my goal of always buying Porsche with my money in the future.

This blog"People considering purchasing Porsche and blogs useful for collecting information to Porsche owners"We are managing to aim. That's because I am obediently thinking "I want to have such a blog" myself.

Every day, I am looking for articles about Porsche on the net, but the things such as the test drive review of automobile media, the evaluation of a car in the used car market, the information of the person who is writing a blog are certainly useful one by one However, I feel that the number is small as an absolute quantity. If you think that you want to buy a Porsche now, because you want more information and real information, it is only when you own the Porsche real fuel consumption, maintenance costs, pleasure of running, I will spell it with Porsche fan's eyes, such as options to put on.

Thank you in the future.

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→ I will reply about "Is this blog really a personal blog?"
→ I tried organizing the concept of this blog - the leading role of the blog is the car

June, 2017 Sunday