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No Panamera, No Life.

About this blog

Porsche Boxster GTS and Porsche 911 GT3 Touring

Thank you for visiting the blog "Porsche came to my house". My name is Mina and I am a caretaker and a mother of 3 children. This blog is"If you like Panamera so much, why do not you start blogging too?"Opened in June 2017, triggered by the words of my husbandPorsche blogis.

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Originally I was not interested in cars at all and thought that it was "unnecessary obstacles such as cars, unnecessary for life"My husband bought the Boxster, and I was completely addicted to the charm of Porsche.

At present, we have Boxster GTS (981MT), 911 (964C2), 911GT3 Touring (MT), and Nissan Note e-POWER NISMOS. Through these carsCan a car enrich my life so much? So, do you give color to everyday lifeI realize that.

Porsche was the first opportunity to get to know the car, but recently, the opportunities to ride on cars of other imported cars and domestic car manufacturers have increased.

Meanwhile, it is a day to learn that each maker has the characteristics, goodness and strengths, and to realize the depth of the car world more and more. From now on, I would like to have fun writing on the daily life of my car otaku husband and my wife who is brainwashed by her husband.

Thank you in the future.

* For detailed blog explanation, I wrote in the previous article.

I will reply about "Is this blog really a personal blog?"

I tried to organize the concept of this Porsche blog-the hero of the blog is the car

Porsche came to our house-I thought about the future of the direction of the blog

June 2019 good day