Oil replenishment indication at mileage of 6,500 kilometers - Panamera oil replenishment procedure Summary

Porsche Panamera

Oil level drop

As I was driving the Panamera turbo the other day, such a display appeared suddenly at the meter.

O, oil level drop! What?

"Did I change it when I changed the distance before 1000 km?Is it okay?Stop right away! What?What should I do! What? "I warmed up and mailed to my husband at work without thinking. Then, a reply soon.

OK, Porsche will be reduced as for new cars. Boxter also came out at around 10,000 kilometers. But, it will not decrease any more. I should refill it. If you read the manual, normal if oil consumption up to 0.8L / 1,000 km."It is necessary to perform a break-in operation to make the moving parts familiar at the time of a new car.The break-in operation is necessary until the mileage reaches 3,000 km.In this period, the consumption of oil and fuel is slightly more than usual It will be many. "It is also written.

... Your will. In contrast to myself who warm up soon, my husband is calm and logical at all times any time.

Oil and mileage supplemented this time

So I decided to change the oil on the weekend. By the way, this time the oil put in Panamera Turbo,"Mobil 1 5W-50 Excellent Wear Protection".

This oil can be obtained every time you join the Porsche driving school.(Because my husband participates every year, there is a large amount at home w)The indication of oil replenishment this time was when the mileage was about 6500 km, but looking at the oil level, it was displayed like this.

Since I am becoming minister, I confirm that it is going to enter max. ...

Seven Procedures Summary of Replenishing Oil

① Run lightly to warm the engine

It seems there are times when the engine is cold, it seems there is sometimes not written correctly, so my husband first ran in the neighborhood for 2 to 3 minutes.

② Turn off the engine once

If you do not turn off the engine, when opening the hood and opening the lid of the oil filler opening, pushy! ! ! And the air comes out. Actually it got very impatient as it became it.

③ Draw a lever next to the accelerator

④ Open the bonnet

Put your hands here, pull the lever sideways to open it.

⑤ Take the lid of the oil filler opening

When it expands, it is like this.

It seems that it will not turn a little if it is a hand of a man.(However, since I was in charge of photography and holding my second daughter, I could not help him)

⑥ Replenish oil

Since this oil is 1 liter, if I thought that it would be replenishing two more times in succession, my husband"Let's see what happened once the engine was over"I said well."Because I am writing 2 L supplement, or 2 L at a stretch I will eh"To say,

"It's a kettle, the amount of oil must be between min. And max." Conversely, if it exceeds max, it will cause a malfunction, so it is better to check at the time of 1 L as it is. "

And that.

Well - I guess so. By saying that,

⑦ Check the display by applying the engine

However, as soon as oil is put in, it will not be reflected on the display. Because the parking lot of our house is a little diagonal, I wonder if I should wait for more, but since the display does not change, my husband ran again lightly in the neighborhood, but still I can not see it .... As long as I waited for a while the display changed to this way.

After confirming that it is just half, I repeat the same work once more, and eventually I was able to safely replenish 2 liters.

I'm finally here. So on this day I went to my parents house for a visit to the grave of the Higan from immediately after changing the oil, and ran for about 100 km with what kind of kettles, but it was no problem at all. That's why it was a summary of oil replenishment.

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