Is the car a useless long stuff, or is it a tool to enrich your life?

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Everyone who gives comments

Recently, more comments and messages have been received. Thank you so much. By the time we started writing, the number of accesses was really small, "I wonder why nobody has read such a Panamera blog, ... (- _ -)I thought that.

But now, before writing an article, I can imagine everyone who reads it, I wonder if there is writing or not ... I am really grateful.

Everyone who gives comments and messages to the blogs in general seems to like cars and live a rich life. I think that you are familiar with the joy that a car gives to your life and that the existence of the car you want is motivated to work hard and that your family and your family's life will become more enriched by having a car think.

I thought that car is not necessary for life

However,I thought that "the car is a useless item."

It costs a lot, it costs a maintenance fee, and it can move without problems if using public transportation, but I do not know the meaning why you own a car. As it encountered my husband, I was forcibly put on a car and I was steadily blowing in information of the car even though I was not listening to it. While I was doing that,

Do cars enrich their lives so much?

I came to realize that, that. I learned that the car is not just a means of transportation, it gives us pleasure and joy to run.

In the race of the circuit, to win first place, in order to win, I learned that engineers, drivers and professionals in each field are united with the whole team. I now understand a little bit why the team who got the first place is honored with crying and crying.

There is a founder who always has a passionate feeling for automakers who lead the world, and at the beginning it is a start from scratch, and there are things that we have to bend down to our beliefs during the war, but still stop walking Never, I did not give up, I learned that there was a history of improving improvement.

I learned that the control technology of BOSCH (Bosch) is used for the majority of German car makers.(Until that time I thought that BOSCH was a dishwasher maker in general w)

The world that I newly learned through a car is something that I never saw in my life until now, that the upper is above, the world visible to me is only a part, I was deeply aware that the world is tremendously wide.

So, "I want to know the world I have not seen yet!Curiosity of becoming increasingly popular as before.

Until the day you get Panamera yourself

And now I am currently motivated to buy Panamera GTS, I really want to feel the world I do not see yet by hand with my own power, I want to stand in that world.(I guess I am on Panamera Turbo now,Why do you want Panamera GTS again?Because it is written in the following article, only those who are interested please. )

The reason I already wanted to get it even though I already ride in Panamera.

So I am sure that the car is not a useless long stuff, it is a tool enriching my life. However, it is not necessary for everyone in the world to think that "a car is a tool enriching life"Knowing the car and judging that this is not necessary for life,That's it, I think it's good.It's personal freedom. 

But, I do not know but only the image "It is useless just by car highI think that it is a waste to decide that. Everything, even if you experience it yourself first, you do not know unless you experience it, perhaps there may be encounters like changing 180 degrees in life.

... and I, who is saying greatly, have been lost in honesty, compared to ten years ago. In the past it was more straightforward, or rather ... just did not think about anything, when advised, it was executed as it was, and there were many cases of seeing painful eyes.(It was 90% painful eyes) w)

Now that I have experienced various things as it is, even for advice and information that comes into my ears, "Is that really true?"I analyzed it and analyzed it through my own filter, and it stopped drinking. It is important in terms of wisdom to live, or wisdom for not dying, but on the other hand, I think that it may have narrowed my possibilities.

Today is the start of the new year on April 2. It is also a day when many new employees become members of society, I remembered "honesty" once more and I decided to work hard.

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