Three reasons why you should not drive with an inside handle.

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What is an inner hook handle?

It's a dull driving position, while saying greatly, in the past, I often drove in with an inner-hanging handle. What is an inner hook handle in the first place ...?

The inside handle is one of the steering wheel operation technology of the car. Technique that turns handle with reverse hand. It is also called a reverse handle (squirrel -). It was done when it was necessary to put power to cut the steering wheel in the era when there was no power steering.

Wikipedia "Quoting from inside handwheel"

In the past, as the handle was heavy, there were a lot of people doing inner hanging handles. After thinking carefully, both of my parents were turning inside the intersection with an inside handle. Certainly, I could easily turn the steering wheel, and when I was a child I saw it and seemed to be accustomed to driving and I was even smart.

Such a trigger I quit the inside handle,In order to cancel the AT limitation before,When I went to the school again.

When turning at the intersection, I was around with an inner hanging handle with my usual habit, but at that time the examiner said to me,

"Since this is a test of exclusive release of AT,I do not deduct the inner hanging handle.But this driving is dangerous,Because it can not respond quickly,Absolutely it is better to improve in the future. "When.

The tone of the examiner was very calm, took on the truth, became scared at a stroke, and since then the inner hook handle has ceased. Why is the inside handle not in danger?

Why is "inner handle" dangerous?

There seem to be three major reasons.

① I can not do a quick handle operation in emergency

Driving normally when there is nothing is good, but when a person suddenly jumps out, something happens, I can not turn back the handle at once.(But, in the case of Porsche,Instead of turning back the steering wheel at the time of a disaster,It is recommended to step on the brake steadily.It seems safe to say that Porsche brakes get well well. )

② If the airbag opens inside the in-hanger handle, it will cause serious injury

Certainly, when the airbag opens in the state where the hand crossed in front of the chest, it hits the chest with his arms. The airbag that should originally function safely, on the contrary, becomes a source of major injury.

Also on Wikipedia,

In car companies, the handle of the inward handles is delayed in operation, and the possibility that the airbag inflates when the airbag inflates in the state where the handle is cut with the other hand at the time of a crash is said to be high.

It was written.

③ Increase the risk of involving the inner ring

Although the inner hanging handle can easily handle the handle, it is often too much. Especially in the case of a large car such as Panamera, it is necessary to make a big round considering the difference of the inner ring, but in the case of the inner hanging handle, it rides with the handle too much, or rubs the inner tire or the wheel Risk increases.

I see….

In case of emergency you can not handle the handle properly,There is a possibility of major injury,It will hurt the tires and wheels of an important car,I can not enjoy the original car running.

There is not one such as merit of understanding that there is such a risk and doing an inner hook handle. When I got a license at the age of 18, I think the examiner surely told me such a thing, but there are many things I do not know unless I actually experience and overcome my experience.

After all, safe driving first.


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