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Where are you going in Panamera?

Panamera looks good on mountain paths and the ocean, but I think that the atmosphere of the city matches the car. I guess it would look great on New York's Fifth Avenue and so on ~. It seems that Omotesando and Minami Aoyama will suit you as well.(I have never been there)If in the Kansai area Kobe Daimaru neighborhood, in front of a luxury watch shop, I think it is perfect. ... But the best place I will go in Panamera,

First place: Daughter's kindergarten sent me a pick
2nd place: Convenience store
3rd place: Co-op (co-op)
4th place: 100 th (Seria or Daiso)
5th place: UNIQLO

. What do you want to do, where do you save money ...? Panamera is a car like a gasoline drip if it is a town ride, so I bought 100 yen for 100 yen and saved it, the Panamera's gasoline fee is higher than the savings. On the contrary, when traveling by train, saying 100 is not said, you can buy enough miscellaneous goods with MUJI.

Rather than anything,Because I love Panamera,Even if it is a convenience store in the neighborhood,It is true that I want to head with this buddy no matter where I go.

However, because I feel sorry for the riot of a small village, I feel sorry for the fact that he is going to be on his own, so when going to work, whether it is Yonago or not, it would be easier to go by train, but as much as possible using Panamera , So as to unleash Panamera on the highway.

Somehow I am not familiar with what I want to do ... today it is these days.


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