A friend whose dream was Ferrari with ranking super car brand rankings.

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A yearning super car

I found this article.
Foreign car popularity ranking TOP 20 announced models by type and type! Introduction of used car prices

Among them,【Foreign car】 Super car brand ranking of yearning TOP 3There was something like that, ranking was like this.

1st Ferrari
2nd place Lamborghini
3rd place Porsche

I see ... Suddenly, I am a classmate of a seminar at a university,"Someday I will buy a Ferrari!"I remembered M, who was talking about his dream at that time.

I had a dream to buy Ferrari M

M was a father who was a principal teacher and a mother was a child nurse and was raised well, feels like Bank who got legs on the ground. After having graduated from university, M has a solid nature, got a job at a bank, got well, got married, two children were awarded, and as if walking a life of a sunny royal road course Looked.

I met with M like that the other day for the first time in several years.

I heard that he changed jobs from the bank to the prefectural government.(From where you want to go, where to go further ...)Although it seems to be very difficult, although it seems to be tough, although it seems to be a lot of fun, it seems like it is fulfilling. I heard there.

Me: "That said, I said that I was going to buy Ferraris when I was a student, what happened to that?"
M: "Ahh, that kind of decision is forced, so this is a civil servant or the like."

It is not always impossible because it is a civil servant. I may change jobs and the possibility of buying it is half a piece,Do not say such a foolish thing, my friend.And we are still young.(It already entered the Alaough Zone, but he himself is still feeling in the late 20s)

I thought, M has turned back like this.

M: "Did you like caring since college?"
Me: "No, it is the influence of my husband, I love you."
M: "Are you driving a car now?"
Me: "Yeah, I'm on a ride."
M: "What are you riding?"
Me: "Panamera stuff"
M: "Papapapa, Panamera ((((;; ゚ Д ゚)))) !!(Papapapa Puffy? Eh way old."

No, I bought it, my husband bought it. That's why I am not doing anything. I did not reach my voice that said,Match me!Where are you going on Panamera! What?I asked her eyes glittering.

"Well, I ride everyday, but I pick up my daughter's kindergarten and co-op, sometimes get on high speed at work," he says with dead eyes and said:

…what is that. Useless mailer.

Mum, useless mailers? What? M said that I do not know well whether it is good or not,I fell down at a stroke of tension.

Me: "But, I am going to buy Panamera with my money,
Let's do our best, Ferrari. "
M: "No, that's why I do not want a minivan."

... End of conversation.

But,There is no guarantee that I can buy anywhere,On the other hand there is no guarantee that you can not buy it.There is no dirt that can not be done, and life is definitely fun to think about how to do it. The dreams that I drew in my school days may have been reckless at the time, but I think it cool to keep track of that reckless dream, like a boys and girls, even if you become a citizen.

Even if it is said that "he is likely to dream", if the ultimate goal is achieved,"He really did it!"I get overwhelmed at once.Because I will do my best not just by mouth, I will try my best once again, friends.

Today is the day that I remember the episode I imagined.

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