A story that Kimtak would not be on the Corolla.

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About using a celebrity's car CM

Kimutaku had previously appeared in the CM of Corolla, but whenever I saw that CM I thought.

Kimutaku is not usually in the Corolla.

When. In imagination, it seems to be riding around ML Mercedes · Benz GL(To the last image). Also TOKIO is on Suzuki's Solio CM, but I do not think the TOKIO members are on a minicar. Also, Ken Watanabe has appeared on the commercial of Suzuki's new model wagon R, but when it comes to Ken Watanabe class, I do not think that fuel consumption is a literal thing or something that does not particularly matter there, so it is not realistic.(I thought that Ken Watanabe actually bought a wagon R after thinking it)

I understand that I want to improve the image of that car, but "It seems to be riding more actually,I wish I could use a talent in reality. "There are many things to think. An entertainer whose private car is known may not be able to be appointed to the CM quite easily, and may have various internal circumstances.

If a CM focused on car performance, you do not need a famous talent, but if you want to link up with the image of a car, you may need to appoint a famous talent ... it might be a lot hard.

Kei Nishikori of tennis

At that point, Kei Nishikori, a tennis player, is famous for having private jaguars, but it actually appeared on Jaguar's commercials, and it was convincing and it was cool. Nishikoro-kun, I wonder how you will be appointed as a commercial car for your favorite car ~.

Well, it is a person who is doing whatever it deserves.


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