How is the specification of the new Panamera Turbo delivered in October?

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I will leave with Panamera soon.

Recently at my house, I only talk about the new Panamera, but Panamera, which I am now riding, always runs nicely without any problems. That's what I thought was extraordinary w

Panamera, I will ride carefully until the end, so for the rest of the time, let's run together as much as possible.

New Panamera Turbo scheduled to be delivered in October

About the specification of the new Panamera Turbo, which is scheduled to be delivered to our house in October. It will be your first visit on this blog. First, the appearance looks like this.

And the price is ...

■ Base price ¥ 23,770,000
■ Price for equipment ¥ 3,257,000
■ Total selling price ¥ 27,027,000




It is high (゚ Д ゚))

With only the option fee, I can buy a fairly good new car. Therefore, the specification is as follows.

Panamera Turbo Specifications

■ Exterior color
· Night Blue Metallic 0 ¥
(Saxophone Blue Metallic and I got lost until the end, I quit because it is too conspicuous)

■ Interior color
· Black 0

(It was decided by the couple to make the interior absolutely black, now it is beige, which is cool, but it is noticeable, such as color fading of denim, dirt and so on stands up, this is a left steering wheel, but our house is a right steering wheel)

■ Exterior
· LED matrix headlight 193,000 yen
(The light part turns black when attached, it gets stuck out and it looks over)
· Privacy glass 100,000 yen
· Soft Closed Door 128,000 yen
(Although it is attached to the current Panamera, it is conveniently messed up, so I asked "I want you to put it absolutely!" Option.Even if you make it loose in half door state, it will be automatic. Hugging a child or having lots of luggage is okay)

■ Transmission / Chassis
· PDK 0 ¥
· Rear Axle steering 325,000 yen
(Since not only the front but also the back tire will bend, it will stabilize when turning the curve and it will bend as if to go. "I hoped that my husband would give this!")
· Sports Chrono Package 382,000 yen
(It seems that you can only install cars equipped with PDK in Sports Chrono Package. Is it a package you can afford if you like a manual car or who likes driving feeling by yourself?
· Sports exhaust system 560,000 yen
(If you add this, it will change exhaust sound.It will feel barking "Buon!" More when you put on the engine.But it is not a vulgar noise, but I feel like a comfortable and powerful dual heavy bass.

■ Wheel
· 21 inch 911 turbo design wheel 597,000 yen
(Porsche wheels are expensive, but 21 inch is better than genuine, it feels longer and my feet are cooler)

■ Wheel accessories
· Porsche Crest Wheel Center Cap 30,000 yen
(This is only the color of the Porsche logo in the center of the wheel, which is usually silver, which is high only by 30,000, but as soon as you come this far, since the monetary price has collapsed, "Let's go on with 30,000" A place I am afraid of doing.

■ Interior
- Standard sheet 0 ¥
· Seat ventilation 193,000 yen
(A breeze comes from the seat in the summer and it gets cooler, because it was not attached to my husband when I bought the Boxster GTS, so I regret it, so I do not have to.
· Lane change assist 150,000 yen
(Especially when changing the lane on a highway, the radar will tell me if there are any cars invisible in the blind spot of the driver and it seems to be useful.
Adaptive cruise control 433,000 yen
(This is something like an automatic driving system? No way that this kind of equipment will be built in Porsche, long distance drive such as highway should be very easy, I'm looking forward to it.
· Storage package 0 ¥
· Cup holder cover 0 ¥
· Smoker's package 10,000 yen

■ Carbon interior
· Carbon interior package 156,000 yen

Total selling price 27,027,000 yen
* TV tuner was also attached, but became a new model, it became impossible to supply and it was automatically removed.


When it got delivered, I hope that there is no such thing as "I'm sorry! I made the color wrong by mistake!"

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  1. Blur

    I always have fun reading
    It is the color of the sheet, but it is ordered with a gray color like the color of the sheet crayon. It seems that there is no change problem so far because the production frame has not yet been decided. Is the bright color of the Porsche's leather seat dirty easily?
    I had my LED matrix headlights mimic and added them today

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. Blog
    Thank you!
    Oh! It was made crayons!
    It is super cool.
    I saw at the exhibition of the new Panamera Turbo before, it was a crayon, it was luxurious, sporty and nice.
    But after all the dirt is noticeable in bright colors, so I think that it is necessary to clean every time.
    > I got the LED matrix headlight to be imitated and added today
    Oh! I see. I am looking forward to it!

  3. panamera-life

    I gave a comment by Mr. Blake, and I also wrote an article on how dirty the interior would be soiled!