Interior decoration of Panamera - Beige leather seats become so dirty 【With images】

Porsche Panamera interior leather seat
Porsche Panamera

Beige is cool, but ...

The interior decoration of our house Panamera is a beige."Standard interior black / Luxor beige"I like this two tone color quite well with the specification. Also, the beige seat feels like a luxurious feeling, so I liked it very much when I delivered it.

However, as soon as the car was delivered, the dirt on the sheet began to worry little by little.Beige is beautiful and cool, but it makes it difficult for dirt to stand outIt is. After riding every time, if I wiped cleanly with a leather wiping sheet ... I think that dirt did not adhere to this but surely I did not do it ...(When there are two children, there is no time actually doing such a thing before getting off the car)Actually it took a year and a half, it became like this.

It is dirty ... There is not a sense of light dirt. The big cause of this dirt is denim that I was wearing. I think that it was quite a period of time when I bought a dark colored denim about 1 year ago and it felt like I had faded with sweat or something. Before that, I was washing a considerable number of times and had not faded anymore, so I kept talking about "I'm OK" but it was sweet.

It is unnecessary dirty when expanding ... Now, when driving a Panamera, this denim is made to be completely empty, whatever you bought, it is about 5 years ago, it is about to become a bland jeans like an absolute discoloration can not be helped.(It seems that whether it is w, w)However, as soon as we are leaving with Panamera, we decided to wipe the leather seat as we tried today, thinking that we would like to finish it at the end.(It is really reflections that I have not wiped it once a year and a half ...)

What was the seat we used this time?

This time, I tried using this to wipe the leather seat.SOFT 99 (software 99) leather only wipe sheet. If it is Amazon, it is about 450 yen with 7 pieces. I only have seven, but since my husband has already used some, I should use it carefully. Also, if I wipe it becomes disgustingly contrary, I do not want it, so I decided to try it in one place for the time being.

It was dirty on the seating surface of the driver's seat that I put my eyes on. It was the part where the color change of the most denim is fierce and it was a part which is often noticed when I saw it, so I thought that if this was beautiful, I thought that the other parts should be beautiful, take out 1 piece and wipe off To try it.(↓↓ dirt here)

She was thicker than I expected and was firm. While thinking that it seems to be pretty usable to use one, first I tried to wipe the dirt on the seating surface of the driver's seat lightly for 10 round trips, and it got the following feeling.

Did you get a little clean?(I do not understand the difference well because the picture is too bad, but I think that it got quite clean)I never rubbed it with rubbing it, I just wiped it lightly, especially detergent? Will it be beautiful so far though I do not use something like that! ... so we decided to wipe the butt portion of the seat with the same sheet. The first state is this ↓ ↓

This time, because it did not fall so much because it was wiped off lightly, I cleaned it up a little more strongly once again and it took about 10 round trips and it got cleaner up to this point.

Oh ...! You feel pretty good!However, I tried quite a bit about the other parts, the part of the backrest, and the part where the color change is unexpected, but I could not get dirty again. For these parts, I will try another way again at a later date. And here is the photo after using the leather sheet wiped the sheet.

Super dirty .... It is absolutely insufficient to wipe the driver 's seat, the passenger' s seat, the back seat with the remaining number now. It seems that we have to search again for items to buy again and items that can make the leather sheet cleaner. So, our lesson learned is that our home which chose the beige of Panamera interior was selected.

1 To be decorated with dark eyes in the future
Absolutely nothing is denim of two colors falling
Every time I get on with what I'm about to fall as 3 colors

By the way, the interior of the new Panamera turbo delivered in October was made "black" according to the lesson. It is really cool gray or something. That's why, let's try adding water to the falling fall, it seems that leather dirt can be taken beautifully, so I think I will try it soon.

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