Panamera Turbo car delivery until delivery, BMW 523i impression

BMW 523 i

Farewell to Panamera edition

Finally, Panamera left our home yesterday.

Since Mr. H who is in charge of the dealer was supposed to come to pick up Panamera at 13 o'clock, when I went to the garage to pick up the luggage that I had left behind in my pocket around 12:45, Mr. H had already been waiting . It seems that he arrived early, so he waited in front of the house.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting," in a hurry to call her husband, hugging the clams and children and going to the garage. Mr. H said after seeing various kinds of lost things.

"Well, are you sure?"



... Not good ('- ﹏ - `;)

It really is not good. This Panamera was a really nice car, so I wanted to be together forever. However, as we can not afford to"Yes, that's fine, thank you"And adults responded w And soon after indulging in emotion, Panamera ran away.

Pretty late can not be done quite well. It is 13800 km in distance. The period of riding was 1 year and 7 months. I hope this Panamera can meet you the owner who will take care of it properly next time.

The car is BMW 523i

That's why there are still two weeks to deliver the new Panamera Turbo. The substitute until that time is BMW 523i (M Sport Package). Although it is a substitute car, we have prepared a nice car and it's as bad as it is. So, at first, four families marched to the Ashi Driveway.

My husband,

"Oh, it's a ride of BM ~ But 3 series was good anyway"

While driving it was pleasingly driving.(My husband is riding the 318i long ago and I want to ride it even now)So I tried a comparison between Panamera and BMW 523i which I ran a day yesterday and felt as I was.

1 Rear seat uncomfortable

First I sat on the back seat, but I was used to the feeling of Panamera, so I was concerned with the vibration such as pitching and rolling. I thought that driving long distances with this is honestly a bit tiring. Anything BMW can run a certain distance even if it punctures"Run flat tire "It seems that they are wearing what they are.

In this run flat tire, since the elasticity of the rubber inherent in the tire is somewhat low, it receives the impact such as the unevenness of the ground and the step, as well as the vibration is easily transmitted. Well, it seems that it has improved considerably. It is ruthless to compare with Panamera and BMW this time is M Sport Package and not a luxury sedan, but I thought that if I get on, it is not a backseat seat but a passenger seat or driver's seat is good.

2 Driver's seat can enjoy comfortable driving

I was surprised by the difference in the taste of the rear seat and driver's seat.BMW 523i is super comfortable driver's seat.Rather, Panamera is a true opposite because the rear seats feel more comfortable.(Conceptually, is it natural?)In the driver's seat, you do not mind vibrations and can drive smoothly. If the family did not ride behind, if driving by myself, I felt it was more fun to concentrate on running.

Indeed,"Pleasure to run through"It is.

3 Interior looks crappy

The interior felt dirty.(Is it a small Kansai dialect?)My husbandThis interior is like BMW.However, I thought that it would be nice if it was a little more luxurious interior decoration if it was about 7 million new cars.

4 The handling is comforting

What is it "Mover" (Explosion) Although I could not think of a good expression,If Panamera is "Handling with no displacement of 1 mm"The image that BMW is "handling with no deviation of 1 cm".I did not feel like "Oooh, this is going to be stabbing!"

But my husband said that in the 3 series, there is no shift in handling and it is fun to drive as you wish. Maybe it's a 5 series.

5 A well-balanced and easy-to-use car

The BMW 5 series of this car,"Total length × full width × total height 4920 × 1860 × 1470 mm"So, the width of the previous Panamera is about 7 cm, and the length of the vertical is about 4 cm shorter. If this is the case, do not worry about the parking lot, you can go anywhere at a convenience store. Since there are many auto wash cars below 1900 mm, it is certainly possible to go without problems. Furthermore, I also enjoyed running, I came with five people, so I thought that this one was a good car that will cover everything with this one.

So that the delivery of the new Panamera Turbo was finally decided on Thursday, 12th (Thursday), so this BMW will be indebted until October 12th.


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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Good evening.
    I am lonely farewell to Pana.
    I am also experienced that it is not possible to part with my favorite car.
    I'm envious of BMW as a substitute ^ ^
    Is the new family on the 12th?
    It will come out in no time.
    I also want to make a new car when I change next time.

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    Thank you for your comment!
    > I have experience as well that I can not have good parting with my car.
    That's right! It is something that goes away faster than I thought ^ ^;
    I could not ride that BM could ride on a car. I hope to have fun and ride it until a new family comes ^ ^