Convenient! Application "AUTOMOCAMERA" that automatically erases the license plate

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To Mita's country road

Last weekend I went to a park in Mita, but there were few people and it was a nice place to settle down very much. The country road of Mita is beautiful, there are few cars, it is very easy to run. It was like this the other day.

By the way this picture is around Senjoji Lake.


Well today, very useful and appealing apps. Camera application which automatically detects number plate and fills it easily"AUTOMO CAMERA"It is.

When posting pictures of our cars on blogs etc., it is the number plate which is worrisome. Until now, you can not erase with a mosaic application,

(mosaicIt is too bad

I made the line of the enclosing frame thick and erased it.

But if it is this, it looks bad, and if it is a picture with a slight angle it will not hide the license plate well. I was wondering what it was, "AUTOMO CAMERAI was taught by my husband about the thing.

Features of this application,

· Automatically detect the license plate from the photo and fill it beautifully
· By using manual mode, fine position designation and designation of multiple units become possible
· Fill color corresponds to 38 color palette
· Edit images can be easily shared or saved in SNS
· If you can not automatically detect photos you can easily paint in manual mode

So even with numbered license plates, it automatically detects and fills so it's pretty good. If it is about the angle of the bottom photo, it will detect and automatically fill it.

Moreover, it is a victory with such a license plate.

It seems that it was free before, but when I bought it the other day it was certainly 150 yen. But it is worth 150 yen. Or, that's worth dozens of times that's worth it!

Camera application which automatically detects number plate and fills it easily


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