Porsche is taught, important things in life.

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Living with Porsche

Embrace ambition, make the ideal a reality.

Such words were written on the site of Porsche new Panamera.(Currently, quote origin site has disappeared for some reason)

"Embrace the ambition, make the ideal a reality.Instead of going all the way to a stepping stone, Continually challenge the transformation of possible approaches.By a method different from others.

The important thing in all is courage. Break away from all common sense. Fight with immutable will.We will create a future we will not yet see.With courage, it creates a new world. "

Since then, when I got stuck at work, I came to see this word.

Of course, the work I am doing has history and tradition like Porsche, it is not a big job for people around the world. The wall that I feel is, if you look at it from 'ya'There is nothing like that on such a wallIt may be said that. Under such circumstances, it may be disproportionate to think back this Porsche word.

But if you look at this word, you will be prepared for your ....

"Because of such a small thing, there is no time to be enthralled, and even if it is from 1 again, it is definitely closer to the goal than before, so I will just continue to walk quietly."

I can quietly burn the flames of my heart.

I have a path only for myself.

Previously"Porsche is a luxury item. "Which money will I buy? "There was only a bad image.(Excuse me)But, as a result of encountering with my husband, I knew Porsche, went to see the race, and touched Porscheism, now I am supported by that Porscheism.

Previously, I did not believe in fate at all, but now "I have a way to myselfI came to think that. To escape from it there will be throwing out my life and sometimes it may be good to escape, but in the end I think that there is no choice but to continue walking on that road eventually.

In the past, "Why do you want to choose only the hardest paths? I wonder if it is a considerable Do M ...Although I was suffering seriously, I have chosen such a way and, as a result, I am putting myself in an environment that is unlikely now.

Well, if there is something that does not work out a little, how about surroundings, that is the branch leaves,Myself,Towards my own goal,The way that I believed,Just go for it step by step.When I read the sentence of this new Panamera, that feeling springs up.

Porsche is amazing. It's a really amazing company.(An explosion has become an article that I do not know what I want today)


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  1. How to support life

    Mina, I always see your blog. I've got the courage to go ahead (I will be careful not to bomb explosion). It seems that you have an office near our Osaka branch office, so you feel that you are friendly. Saha, even from tomorrow Gumboro ^ ^

  2. panamera-life

    Thank you!
    > It seems that you have an office near our Osaka branch office, so you feel that you are friendly.
    Is that so?
    It makes me feel very happy somehow.
    I will do my best ^ ^!