The real excitement of Porsche Panamera is in "balancing of contradiction".

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Living with Porsche

Panamera is amazing

Panamera is a great car. There is power, there is acceleration power, it is very pleasant to ride. But the real excitement of Porsche Panamera,"Where they contradict contradictions"I think there is.

It is luxury and sporty.
While being a gigantic, feeling of being small.
The highway is comfortable, the mountain road is pleasant.
You can have extraordinary experiences and use it everyday.

I think that it is not a common thing to make both contradictory and conflicting things compatible. How many trial and error did the developers and the engineers repeatedly do?

Going along a road without a road is rewarding, but at the same time it should be an unprecedented wall and a series of trials. "With this!Even though I thought, the next day will be destroyed all over again from the first place. The question itself "Is it really possible ..." begins, and the team spreads the air "Is it impossible?"

Still, the leaders never abandoned their hopes, and the Porsche team who got accomplished and got results led to just respect.

My life from independence

Personally, I think that the life that makes a way by myself rather than one company's employee is very interesting. I'm excited and I can do whatever I do, what I do, how I do it, and who I will be with.

But,To have great freedom,That it is self-responsibility accordinglyWhatever happens, whatever the outcome, whatever blast comes, you have to catch oneself at the front.

Occasionally, sometimes I think that "my boss will be easy behind me" ...(It is troublesome for that ... it exploded)I have to deal with my responsibility and there is absolutely no way for my boss to do anything,Using your head, narrowing your wisdom,Throwing out pride,Faced with yourself,This is how to help around ...I wonder if I can gradually grow up in the process.

While continuing such a life for eight years, I often dislike myself about "how I am walking slowly". The turtle is faster.

If smarter, if it is more strategic ....

But the other day when I talked to my senior who respects this,

"I am the same, I wonder what you are stupid, I always think the company will grow even if you are smart enough."

I was saying. Well, I was relieved that the president of such a wonderful company thought the same thing as me, I strangely convinced myself.(That person's level is the difference between heaven and earth with me)

Porsche is amazing

With such a thing like this, always "Porsche is awesome"

Do not regret to the present situation, always challenge, penetrate isism, give impression and pleasure to many people.

May Porsche continue to be a Porsche (- _ -) /

Let's do our best at work!(It became contents not related to car today too)


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  1. carara

    Nice to meet you Sorry to interrupt you suddenly
    It was a car I was curious about for quite a while.
    I am seriously thinking about it.
    You seem to be enjoying it?
    From now on
    I am looking forward to various information.

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. carara
    Thank you for your comment!
    > I'm seriously thinking about it.
    Oh! It's amazing! Panamera which changed the model is a truly wonderful car ^ ^
    I would like to write it in articles as well.
    Continue to thank you!