Why do car husband evaluate Porsche Boxster, Panamera, Mercedes · Benz SL?

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SL Grandpa goes to the hospital.

The SL made in 1997 that my husband purchased the other day seems to be playing variously because it was old and the previous owner died and it was left for a while. It seems that there are various things that the seat leaks or when the roof is opened and closed, the oil seems to leak from the roof, and SL old man recently passed the car hospital all the time (explosion)

If this hospital goes far, the old SL seems to be in perfect condition like a new car.(By the way, I have not even drove in the passenger seat yet I have not even driven)

Husband's evaluation of each car?

By the way, before this,Which one would you choose with 911, Boxster and Panamera?I wrote an article that,Evaluation of Boxster, Panamera and SL on her husbandI asked about.

Oya-na, it's difficult, it's based on the situations you use,

① Yes Ashi Driveway (moderate mountain road)
Boxter: 5
Panamera: 4.9
SL: 3

② Country's national highway
Boxter: 4
Panamera: 4.8
SL: 5

③ Highway
Boxster: 4.3
Panamera: 5
SL: 4.8

④ Town ride
Boxter: 4.5
Panamera: 4.3
SL: 4.8

If only one can be chosen?

If only one can be possessed among these three, which one will you choose? When asked,

Er, Oh no, well,"But if we say that we are satisfying everything in a well-balanced mannerPanamera and so on, after all Panamera! "

He said.

Listen to it"Sayuri! Yappaso Yaro! (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵."And, as Panamera's marketing staff, I feel like I'm really happy, I guess it is truly what the hell is ... that is today these days I ask myself.

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  1. Ishi B

    I found it on this blog for some reason if I was searching by Boxter.

    My family is riding an E-class station wagon for my family, but my goal is to persuade my wife and transfer to Panamera Sports Turismo. It is very interesting that the husband of the Boxter ride highly evaluates Panamera even on Pass road. I can not imagine that I can enjoy the pass at that size, but it is a truly Porsche.

    I am looking forward to updating my blog in the future.

    • Mina

      Ms. Ishi B
      Please reach this blog and thank you for your comment again!
      Oh! Panamer Sports Turismo transfer, everyone! ! Panamera is a truly wonderful car. By the way, I also write such an article.
      [5 things that my husband tried to capture a wife who was indifferent to his car and purchased a Porsche. 】https://www.panamera-life.com/entry/2017/12/27/184534

      My husband said, "Both Boxster and Panamera have exactly the same taste as sports cars of Porsche, but the extent to which the seasoning is dark or thin, spicy, sweet or different, once for a test drive also make a sports plus in Panamera and run a pass And I'm surprised at the body that can not be thought of as a huge body ^ ^ I will keep updating my blog every day so please continue to do!