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Ashi Drive way

Sports chrono package

The Panamera Turbo at our house has attached a sports chrono package as an option, so you can choose Sports Plus mode. In the sports plus mode,Engine, transmission and chassis show performance(The suspension becomes hard)ConfigurationIt is said that it will become the specification suitable for the race and the circuit.

For more informationPage of Car Configurator.

Actually, I bought six months, I had never run properly in sports plus mode, so I tried it at the Ashi Driveway last weekend. So, I think I will try today what I felt.

Five things I felt

1 Engine sound becomes treble

Switching to sports plus mode and shaking the accelerator, you can see immediately that the engine sound changes. Panamera Turbo's normal engine sound is rather deep bass, but it is "(I can not think of a good expression ...)It turns into a treble called "sporty and pleasant sound".

2 The body gently diminishes

Actually it is not light and small, but it seems that it approached "911" at once. It seems Panamera is getting smaller than usual, and it makes driving easier. Motor journalist Okazaki Goro also said "When I ran on the mountain path, I felt Panamera becoming smaller and smaller"I said in the review.

3 Handling will be smoother

Because the underbody becomes hard(Panamera Turbo is air suspension), The body becomes more muscular. As the handling becomes smooth, as you want, it curves like a sting, so it makes me feel like I got better with driving. The car height also drops 25 mm from the normal time.

4 The body will stabilize if you give speed to a certain extent

In the curve on the hill, it is more frightening that the person who puts speed to a certain extent curves more stably than he does not decelerate the accelerator modestly. I feel the sensation speed quite slowly, so there is no fear at all.(But you need to be careful not to tread on the cat's eye.

5 Pull to about 4000 revolutions

In normal mode, the gear changes immediately at around 2000 turns(As soon as the signal turns blue, it gets a little faster, it gets 5, 6 speed)In the sports plus mode, pulling up to about 4000 rpm will bring out the power that the car can possess.But I'm a coward soon we will loosen the accelerator ... so if you do not loosen it will run at even higher revs.

Also, as the rotation got scared, I was afraid to relax the accelerator, so when I changed the gear I was often shocked as Gagat, but it was simply that my driving skills were too poor.

I think that I still feel only about a few% of the power that Panamera Turbo can possess, but try running in sports plus mode this time"Running the mountain road is so fun!"I felt it again.

Sports chrono package required

Actually, even for the previous Panamera edition, my husband had retrofitted the sports chrono package. Suddenly, I asked my husband, "Why would I want to attach a sports chrono package so much?" Then this is the answer.

"Sorry to shy.By attaching the sports chrono package, you can withdraw the ability that car can possess without leavingI can not imagine that I can not put it in reverse. Regardless of the other options, only the sports chrono package can attach anything. "

got it. Humans have heard that 90% of the potentially sleeping ability is only a part of the manifesting part. I wish a human had a machine that could attach a sports chrono package and pull all the power that can be possessed by pushing the switch ...

What a delusion it is these days these days.

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