Porsche seriously remodeled the 919 hybrid. Eliminate the time of F1 and make it the fastest spa.

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919 Hybrid looking at last season

Porsche announced to withdraw from WEC at the end of 2017. When I went to the WEC of Fuji Speedway last year, I saw the 919 hybrid closely"This is a car that won the championship three times in the Le Mans 24 Hours race, but this time it is the last time that the 919 hybrid comes to Japan, and I am looking for it."I thought.

(* I was able to see the hybrid 919 directly above, up close.

That was the other day, the Porsche 919 hybrid,Remove all constraints of WEC's LMP 1 provision and show up on the circuit with the ability to have the maximum possibledid. 919 This car named Hybrid Evo goes around the circuits of countries around the world called "Farewell Run", the first stage of which was the spa / Francorchamps circuit in Belgium .

There is a total length of 7.004 km, it seems to be the longest in the current Formula 1 circuit.

It is impossible to get out of F1 record.

This 919 Hybrid Evo recorded lap time of 1 lap "1 minute 41 seconds 770" this time.It was 0.783 seconds higher than the course record recorded by Lewis Hamilton in the 2017 F1 Belgian Grand Prix qualifying and it was the fastest at Spa · Francorchamps · circuit.

The output of the V4 engine increased from 500 horsepower to 720 horsepower by 220 horsepower, incorporating a DRS (drag reduction system) that reduces air resistance during driving, and the weight of the vehicle was reduced by 39 kg.

To my surprise,It seems that it is 12 seconds faster than the time of the last lap of WEC last year.In F1 cars and WEC's LMP 1 cars, it is common that there is a time difference of about 10 seconds on any circuit, so ... Although it was possible to improve all the constraint provisions of WEC, it should be as fast as 12 seconds What can be done ... No, it is awesome. The engineers who made improvements to demonstrate the capabilities possessed by the 919 Hybrid are amazing, and the drivers who overcame it and threw out the fastest time were amazing ....

The average speed of F1 seems to be around 200 km / h, so if you say 12 seconds, it is about 600-700 meters! What? (Will arithmetic difficulties but do you have calculations?) If you think so, something is already ... I can only say it is amazing(Vocabulary is too small.)

919 Farewell of Hybrid / Evo Although it is about going around the world, it does not come to Japan well. If you come to Suzuka Circuit or Fuji Speedway, I definitely would like to take a look at that virtue.

Image Source:autoblog "Porsche" 919 Hybrid Evo "unleashed from the race provision recorded faster lap times at spa than F1 machine! "

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