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Is Panamera's secondhand car affordable?

In February of this year Porsche, considering changes in automobile emissions regulations and customer demand,All diesel vehicles(Makan Panamera)We officially announced that production will end.Due to this influence, the value of Panamera in diesel has decreased worldwide, it becomes possible to negotiate discounts, it seems that it is very affordable.

If you examine various things on the net, it certainly"Panamera's inexpensive diesel is a bargain"I caught a glimpse of the article saying. However, since the Porsche diesel car is not sold at a Japanese dealer, it is not directly related to people living in Japan, but there are many parts that are helpful for UK Panamera used car situation, so I would like to introduce a bit.

911 became big as it was

In the article"The second hand Panamera registered in 2010 combines technologies and abilities that have made 911 larger"it is written like this. It seems that Panamera, in the UK, can be purchased in the middle of 4 million yen. In Japan, those of 2010 type have been circulating in the used car test drive from the second half of 4 million yen, and a price image between 4 million yen and 6 million yen.

Just an article,"Although it is older than 2010, it is more happy to get the normal amount of 911 (997) 3.8 Carrera released in 2007 with the same amount."It is also written. Because,

911 is widely regarded as a truly Porsche, while Panamera is a model created for the cold purpose of depriving share of rivals in the performance and saloon market.

With. ... Well, if you look at it from a pure 911 fans, it may seem so.

Reasons why second-hand Panamera is bargain

Just because Panamera is a bargain to buy in second hand, when summarizing the reason,

① Many mileage is small

Panamera is often used as a company car, it is used only for the round trip to and from the nearest station, it seems that there are quite a few short distances.Even if you look at Japanese used car sale site, the majority is less than 10,000 kilometers.There was only one car running over 100,000 kilometers.

② It has a complete service history

Many of Panamera as a company car have a complete service history. Many cars are able to raise important customers of the company, so we have steady oil change and dealer inspection from the usual times. So, you can buy with confidence.

③ Full option is also cheap

Even full options can be purchased at the 4 million yen range. Taking a full option on normal Panamera will cost millions, so if it's all about 4 million yen it is definitely a bargain. By the way, even in Japan,Even though it's not full, options are pretty much available and you can buy it at the 5 million yen levelThere was also one.

911 water corpse ...

On the other hand, the design is written as follows.

In the side of the second generation looking refreshed, the first Panamera may feel slightly old fashioned.

When. Although it seems that there is not such a big difference as seen from the front, the back design differs greatly between the conventional type and the new type. I liked the traditional rear design, but when I get used to the new model I certainly feel old.

By the way Jeremy Clarkson of British BBC's popular car program "Top Gear""Initial Panamera seems to be a 911 water corpse"I was saying that.

What is the evaluation of experts for Panamera?

In the article, as an expert's evaluation, the opinion of the type called Steve McPherson of the world's largest car club "Porsche Club GB" member was written.

"We had transferred 10 ten 911s before buying the first Panamera eight years ago.It has no regrets to purchase Panamera.In addition to being practical it is about the same as 911 even when driving everyday, It's a fun model. "

If a person who has connected 10 911 says it is persuasive. Even now, I think that I want to ride the Panamera edition one more time ago and I think that second hand Panamera is a bargain, even if I think a lot.

* Source article:Porsche Panamera Japan not introduced Diesel Used car situation in Britain (livedoorNEWS)

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