981 Boxster GTS and SL 500 (R 129) - Which would you like to go to the touring?

SL 500 (R <b> 129)
Touring notes

Husband's annual event, Touring

Last week 's Golden week, my husband went out touring one of the annual events (4 days, 3 nights). Meanwhile, I and my daughters returned to their parents' house. My husband till the day before departure"Would you like to go with Boxter this time, or SL?"I was worrying.

I usually go with 981 Boxster GTS (MT), but I had never been to a remote touring with SL 500 (R 129) I bought a few months ago,

I know it's fun because I've been doing it many times in Boxter, but SL seems to want to taste what it's like from the first time. But Baxter is better for a tight mountain road ... (-_-) "

He was mumbling.

... No, with luxurious troubles and so on, Honma w

So, as a result of suffering seriously, I decided to go by SL.

 This time around Chugoku area

This touring is"Journey through wide-area farm roads in Yamaguchi, Shimane, Tottori, Hiroshima and Okayama"So, first of all, I ran a car from Hyogo prefecture of my home to Hofu of Yamaguchi prefecture, and I will come back over three days from there.(Since I searched for an apartment just before, it seems that this process became unnecessary at all)Looking at the map like this.

Akiyoshidai Karst Observation Deck,

Matsushita village school of Yoshida Matsuno,

Go through Karst Road,

Next day to Oyama.

Beautiful and beautiful ~. By the way, these husband are selling at the Porsche dealer"Porsche watch"I will turn on.

I really like Porsche and I (¯ ー ¯)

After that, through the beautiful Okayama road like Nürburgring,

I heard that he came back around Sayo in Hyogo prefecture. Regarding the mileage and fuel consumption of this touring,

■ Mileage: home - about 1200 km at home
■ Fuel economy: Approximately 10 km / l at high speed, 8 km / l - 9 km / l at country road

That was. By the way, at such times, my husband stayed at a cheap hotel around 5000 yen with breakfast for 1 night, and rice is often done at convenience stores.(Like this)

"If you go for a great journey, even if you say you should stay at a hot spring inn and eat delicious food as well"

"No, I do not need that, if there is a covered parking lot and everything is OK if the equipment is reasonable.Ye all the priorities are cars! Human meals and rooms are secondary, No car, No life!"

It is saying. Every time I hear such a husband's speech my wife I"After all this person is crazy ... (- _ -)"I feel a sense of it (explosion)

Difference between SL and Boxter's Touring

1) SL is less tiring than Boxster

Boxster is a lot of fun but it seems that the seat feels like "I'm going to run!" ... Because I always feel like running my shoulder inside, it's fun to drive,As expected it will get tired if you run more than 1000 km a day.On the contrary, the seat of SL was like a relaxed sofa, so it did not get tired at all.

2) SL can be relaxed without going into battle mode

Boxster is also called MT at GTS"Run the engine and run the car!"The mode is set. But SL does not bother to scare away, but you can enjoy it enough even if you give speed to a certain extent. Especially SL is the highest to pass the country roads.

3) Boxster is a good mountain road in the corner

There seems to be a bit of a tough time when SL is a tight mountain road with a tight corner. At such time I was told that I missed Boxster.

After all, which is good?

However, since both are open cars, it seems that it was a great feeling to run while feeling the wind, and it was the best tooling. Also, SL has good quality of SL, Boxster has goodness of Boxster, both are different goodness"If you go to the touring, this is better!"He said that it can not be said unconditionally.

But ideally,

How to go to SL to the site, switch to Boxster locally, and return home by SL

I heard that it seems fun to go to the touring with my husband and 2 couple in the future.

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  1. wata

    Mr. Mina who went to the long drive of running alone and who watches it off and makes it a blog's neta is also wonderful too.
    I saw a route map saying that it was run by SL, but it's really crazy ... no (sweat), it's a really fun route.
    Even this! I traced it with a big nodding that it was chosen to run running round the road.
    By the way, this year's Golden Week was not able to make a car journey like touring, so I decided to see it even more envious (tears).

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wata!
      Thank you for your comment! I was talking with my husband that "Wata is going to touring absolutely this consecutive holiday", but this time it was a shame ...> <
      We are looking forward to your long drive video again!
      When I told my husband, "I got a comment from Mr. Wata - this morning" I went to work in Lunulun very gladly that "I can say that Mr. Wata is crazy from you", (laugh)
      I mean I also have to practice Boxter manual practice ... Continue to thank you!