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I started to like Panamera, the first time I tried it, I got touched by accelerator work, handling, a sense of handsome horse riding and all of them. But it was when I learned the catchphrase at the time that I completely grasped my mind.

<Porsche unique driving excellence, comfort is also fulfilled, one unit suitable for the champion of life.

One unit suitable for the champion of life ...."I also want to aim for the champion of life, I want to be that, I want to be such self and want to ride Panamera!" I can not answer clearly when asked what kind of person is the champion of life ... I felt like I was "cool"! I fell in love.

4-door sedan where 911 is jealous

The catchphrase when the new Panamera was released in 2017 is"911 is jealous" 4-door sedan "was. Certainly ... Even 911, which is a synonym for Porsche, makes me realize that you will remember jealousy in running the new Panamera.

Just catch phrase(Do you even call it a concept?Every time a new model comes out, it seems that it will also change depending on the test drive event, and now it is "4 wings" on Panamera's site.

I want to continue riding a sports car.
I could see what I needed to stand on a new stage.
Porsche gives wings to your way of life. Panamera.

Source: Porsche official websitehttp://www.porsche.co.jp/events/showroom/feb18/

But in such circumstances it is this philosophy of Porsche.

"The latest Porsche is the best Porsche"

"The Porsche at that time was good(Air cooling or NA in any case)"Not aiming to be the best Porsche now, the stance to continue to challenge is very cool.

Boxter and Cayman, Cayenne, Makan?

So that's why catchphrases for car models other than Panamera(Including those at the event)I examined about.

■ 718 Cayman & 718 Boxster · · · "Is there a core in the middle of the bow?"
Porsche 718 Spring Fair
■ Cayenne · · · "Sharpen the five senses"
Cayenne was released at the beginning "Christo Foras" magazine
■ Makan ... "Pure blood Porsche"
"Pure blood Porsche, Makan" as the press kit title was released at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2015

I see. Everyone thought that it was good ~.

If I put a catch phrase ...

So, I thought what kind of tagline I would put on me. However, as there are many Porsche never actually got on, only things that have driving experiences or things that have been taken.

But I thought for a moment but I could not think of anything at all, I did not know what to think from what I thought, this is something that I squeezed out.

■ 981 Boxster GTS (MT)
... "Gangan Ikozu"(Because it is like touching the engine by turning the engine)
■ 911
· · · "A perfect gambling"(It was easy to drive and was fun enough to mistake my drive battle!)
■ Panamera 4E Hybrid
· · · "Do not use Jun"(Because fuel economy is good)
■ Panamera Turbo
· · · "Leave it to me"(Because sporty and luxury are all like touching me with one button)
■ Cayenne
· · · "Lifetime Daiji"(It was a sturdy feeling with SUV)

This is the name of the operation of this drakue (- _ -) ....

Catchphrase is really difficult. It is not something to think out and come up ... it is these days that I respect the public and marketing people again.

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