I went to 'Cafe Seven' in Tsukigase, a sacred ground for car lovers!

Cafe Seven
Living with Porsche

A cafe in a sacred place like a car

My husband told me this morning"It's a café in the sanctuary of a car lover like Cafe Seven, and custom-built leather gloves stores are opening up this weekend only, are you going?"It has been said.(This ↓)

"Because Cafe Seven is in Tsukigase, we can also tour around it, Nara Nuru(The road called Nuruburuku link in Nara)You can run. "

When. Well ... It is time consuming to shop for lunch and prepare our daughters from now, but it will take time though ... But the weather is fine, so be prepared to be as fast as possible by saying "Let's go!" I left after 13 o'clock.

Because it was awesome (?), I went by two of Boxster and Panamera.

Use Face Time!

"At such times, when you go while talking with your face time, it's convenient to be like a transceiver."So, I connected the smartphone to the car's charging cable and connected my husband and face time.

surely"Let's go to a gas station for a moment"And"Left next signal"Or, as it can go while exchanging each time, it was quite convenient.

(It was interesting to see the back of the Boxster's roof in the back)

How to use Face Times can be used very conveniently. By the way, I could communicate about 2 times at the place where there were no radio waves on the mountain road, but there was no particular problem other than that.

Finally, to Cafe Seven.

On the way Hanshin Express was crowded, arriving to the site in less than 2 hours from home.

(It is about 1 km from JR Tsukigase station)

There were fairly narrow roads, but it was wide enough for Panamera. When I arrived, it was so crowded that I realized that there is only a sacred place like cars after all.Besides, the sports car was stopped.

I took a lot of pictures of Porsche, so I would like to introduce on the blog with the picture later what kind of car was coming.

Finally to the store

Well, the entrance of the shop is like this,

A good-looking older sister told me to take a seat. Especially no problem with children. Also,Child(I forgot how old I was under ...)He said that juice was free, and her daughter was asking for orange juice.And these tables had this paper.

It is amazing. Was there more fans in the word-of-mouth or SNS? A camera, a car magazine etc were stylishly placed next to the table.

Also in the shop, can badges, minicars, stickers, etc. were on sale, children for some reason purchased Volkswagen 's can badge super casually (lol)

Purpose of the day

Well, after a breath at the cafe, I am looking for the main subject of today, a leather glove. Driving glovesCACAZANThe booth was at the back of the shop 's premises.

There are various kinds, feeling that the staff carefully take a consultation. Just my husband said,When ordering made leather gloves, you have to decide what to do with the design, so it is better to study various things firstThat. Whether to do stitch color, how to make a Velcro or a button ... etc, first buy off-the-shelf items and look at other things, receive advice that you should order custom made, first try one I bought it.

Actually attaching and driving"Fitting the handle, the hand with the gear lever will not slip and it's fine"He said.

Running around Nara Nuru home

On the way home, I came home through a road called Nara Nuru. Running in sports mode, I felt very good on a pretty beautiful road. When looking backward, the girls are completely explosive (laugh)

Perhaps there are still many good roads in Kansai. I want to go there again. So, my battle is a Porsche can badge.

(Looks like a little lie, but lol)

Let's put this on your bag so quickly.

When I got home and looked up about Cafe Seven, I also had a facebook page.
■ Cafe Seven facebook page

The Kansai people think that it is fun to see various sports cars and super cars once they go.


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  1. Tommy

    Tsukigase, now it is about time when the plum is beautiful, I used to go to motorcycles well in the past. It is what Nure of Nara, which route, I would like to run in a car. Cafe Seven, looks nice and fashionable, I will go. I was healed by the child's explosion sleeve picture (^ ^)

    • MinaMina

      Oh, I see. It is around time that plums are beautiful. I have memories that went to see once only long ago.
      Running around that by motorcycle seems to be very good feeling ^ ^

      > Nura's Nuru, which route, I would like to try running a car.
      I also did not know where Nara Nuru started and where it ended, but it seems that everyone is talking about on the net, too.
      By all means, I would be happy if you let me know what you think about impressions ^ ^

      Children's sleep-explosion photo (lol) I thought again that it is a sight that I can see only now.
      I want to face the child calmly day by day without irritation (laugh)