Seven months after Panamera delivered - Seven things that never understood by test drive alone.

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Another seven months have passed

Seven months have passed since the Panamera turbo was delivered on October 12 of last year. It is still seven months ... I feel like I went for more. So, after 7 months,I tried summarizing the points that I did not understand by trial riding alone, that is, the points I understood because I bought it.

By the way, how often you are riding, the husband was using it almost every day for commuting in 1 to 2 months after delivery, but after that"Husband's commutation 1 to 2 times / week, I only town ride 2 to 3 times / week, a little long distance or Ashi driveway 2 ~ 3 times / month"Is it feeling?

Mileage etc. to date

· Mileage: 8200 km
· Initial inspection: Approximately 1400 km (10/26)
· Oil change: at dealer at the time of initial inspection (10/26)
→ [Reference article] Panamera Turbo's initial oil change amount is "47,558 yen".
· One time oil refilling (mileage 6500 km point)
→ [Reference article] oil replenishment display with mileage of 6500 kilometers ... Panamera oil replenishment procedure summary.

Feeling. Then, I tried to summarize 7 things about what I feel after seven months and the change of car.

1) The engine sound got bigger

Engine sound more surely than when delivered(I heard that it's exhaust sound)Became big. When I got on this before, "I thought that sound was so big!" When I told my husband, my husband also"It got bigger, the muffler got so nice and it got easier to sound out"He said.

It was not a bad thing that the sound grew larger, but ratherIt sounds like a V8 sounds good.Good impression that.

2) Car that can be enjoyed even by amateurs

Boxster on which my husband is riding, especially MT car,Driving skills are required for drivers.Until the timing of accelerator work, handling, shift change, basic driving skills are equipped, it is possible to make Boxster possess the power of it. Well, that might be the real thrill.

But Panamera Turbo can enjoy driving regardless of who rides, even if you can not say flattering to flattering like me, or why you fly away like that.In a town ride moistly, steadily blown off at high speed, the mountain road is fine ... and all these things are said to Panamera Turbo as saying "Leave it to me", so if the driver is just driving at ease with confidence OK (lol)

It may be unsatisfactory for those who say "not such fun", but I can be very happy with a sense of security.

3) 4 family members can enjoy touring

As I wrote earlier, Panamera will run optimally in any situation, so even if you go to touring with two little children, you can enjoy it without problems.

"The wife is an answering machine because it is a two-seat rider" "It's a four-person ride but the rear seats are narrow and the children dislikes" "It's a luxury sedan so running is not fun at all"I think that the car that solves all such troubles is Panamera.

4) Fuel economy is 4.0 km / l to 10.0 km / l

Usually I go to the girls' kindergartens and nursery schools or go to the supermarket, the fuel consumption is usually 4.0 km / l. Since less numerical values ​​are not displayed, it may be worse ... (- _ -). Even if you drive on a highway steady, the fuel consumption will be close to 10 km / l.

It is about twice a month to put gasoline. Because it enters 90 liters, you do not need to be constant as long as you do not go out considerably. That's why I'm getting an illusion that "I have a lot of gasoline!", But if you fill it up every time it costs around 13000 yen"It was just a big petrol tank."And recognize again.

5) The interior of black leather is not soiled

No, it is not dirty or dirt is not noticeable (explosion) Because there are 4 year old children and 1 year olds in particular at home, because they got soiled with shoes and exhaled at the time when the eldest daughter delivered, the interior was made a light color It seems that you can have a lot of stains now when you are around.

In truth, beige and whitish gray interior is awfully bad, but,After all there is a small child so black interior is the most safe.

6) Pure navigation is not so clever

I guess Porsche's genuine navigation is not wise so much. I often think that "Why do you pass that way?" Also, traffic congestion information is not accurate in many cases, it can not avoid traffic congestion, and often jams in the middle of a traffic jam(And an engine dripping explosion).

In that sense Google map is much more accurate.When you do not want to be late for absolute time or when you think that it is crowded today and you think it is doubtful, Googlemap will examine it.

7) Sheet ventilation is unnecessary

This is my opinion to the last. The seat ventilation is attached only to the driver 's seat and the passenger' s seat in Panamera of our house, but I think that I do not need it.But he says that her husband is better.It is because I am overwhelmed because I think it is necessary.

... No, this is my problem rather than Porsche's problem ... I'm pretty sweaty with thighs, so it will be so cold and chilling when cooled down by seat ventilation (-_-) So it's not sweaty If it was people it might be comfortable (lol)

Up to the day you buy with your own money

Although it is a feeling, it is definitely full of thanks to her husband that "I am impressed every day" and "I like it every time I ride" ... Thank you very much. So I also do my best and work hard until the day when I can buy Panamera in bulk in cash!

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