A number of Porsche encountered in Cafe Seven - 911 GT 3 RS, 911 turboS etc.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
Porsche 911

As expected, a sacred place for car lovers

The other dayI went to the cafe SevenAt the time, a lot of Porsche that I could not see easily came and it was just said that it is a sacred place like a car.

(Ferrari, Lamborghini and BMW came in addition to Porsche)

I would like to introduce the Porsche that had come at that time today.

① Boxster (986)

It was stopped in the open state and it was very cute.

② Cayman GT 4

The headlight is black and it is cool. While feeling somewhat more than normal, I thought that white is very beautiful with goods.

③ 911 GT 3 RS

Well! ! ! (゚ д ゚)! ! !
You might have noticed that GT3RS was stopped normally like this except for a dealer. It's amazing ... compared with GT 3, the wings are tremendously big.

④ 911 turboS

When I looked at it from the front I was surprised when I thought "I'm a cool woman 911" and moved around behind!Turbo S! !There is still S attached to the turbo ... I guess it is a ridiculous price ... this silver was also a very beautiful color that looks good on sunny days.

⑤ 3 shots

I tried taking 3 such shots which I rarely can take. From the left"Boxster GTS" "911 GTS" "911 GT 3 RS".

No, it's awesome 3 shots. Considering that there were still other Ferrari and Lamborghini, adding the price of the car here is lightly over 200 million ... and ..."If missiles are dropped here now, it will be hard work."While thinking about something unlikely ... I was satisfied and arrived home.

Last shot at the end

"I thought that there were lots of wonderful cars", and waiting for a signal in 5 minutes to my home to go home ... What a Boxster Spider next! !

I thought that I would rarely wish for two shots lining up with my husband Boxster GTS, and I took pictures unexpectedly. No ... It is luxurious.

Cafe Seven seems that sports cars and super cars are always coming up on weekends, so you may meet a famous car just by going!
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  1. Jack

    I always see blogs.
    Car of the second picture is like Cayman GT 4
    I am sorry if it was extra comment ,,

    • MinaMina

      Oh no! -! ! ! Thank you for pointed out! If you make sure now, the headlight is definitely not 911 GT 3 ...! !
      Thank you!
      And thank you for always seeing the blog. Continue to thank you ^ ^