I tried using 'PhotoLab' which can make a picture of my car a painful touch touch in a moment!

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
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Blog logo problem

The other day my husband"Blog logo, why are you making such a bad feeling?"I was asked. The previous logo is a logo of the red and black handles downloaded from the free material as appropriate, it does not know whether it looks handsome or not, and the image is super-rough ... It was not cool at all.

"Well then let's change!" I searched for a free material of the Porsche logo, but there was none of Panamera's things even though there were 911 relationships ... but it is impossible to make by myself. Well then,An application that can process photographs of favorite cars in an illustration styleI tried to find out that I could logo like it.

There was an application called PhotoLab!

Results of examining various results "PhotoLabI arrived at an application called "Something." You can install it for free, but if you keep it in the free version you can not save the processed image. Inevitably, I applied for the trial 3 days and decided to process the picture of the car. And this is what I tried to try one.
O - Naka Nakanaka (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵.

It looks like I actually painted with colored pencils! So I tried to process other Panamera pictures one after another.

Hue and texture are also very beautiful. It is possible to decorate by printing as it is and putting it in the forehead. When I noticed it became funny it was about 50 sheets processed.

I also tried others

I decided to try a lot during the trial period, and I also tried the earlier Panamera edition and photos of other cars.

While thinking about this Porsche logo or something pretty cool ... I can not make it as a logo indeed.

What is the logo of the important blog?

So I decided to try the blog logo and icon as the first picture of Panamera. That's it.

Well ... unfortunately this is not a logo (-_-)

"But it can not be helped, it is not a pro ... "As I thought, my husband received an email saying "What is this?" There is such an image there.

Oh ~ logo Yan! It looks like a logo! (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵. 

Apparently the husband seemed to make it during work(I wonder if she is doing this while working), I tried to make this a blog logo immediately!

So, "Blogs Porsche came to our house" has been improved to a blog little by little. Thank you very much for your continued support.

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  1. How to support life


    I got a comment a while ago, but since I finally returned to the country
    Pana Order "Bittered" I came.
    Ride 32 million yen. It is expensive, but it is expensive.

    The shock was the rhodium silver that was trying to make it a body color
    What was missing.

    (Mr. H in charge) "Does it have to be an executive? Is it a Tutbo of Futu
    I am confident that I can promise with a car delivered in November. "

    (Life) "Please this time at the executive."
    (Mr. H) "I understood, even though I took the frame of another dealer
    I will do something. Alright! "
    I did not quite understand something "good" but (Baku).
    (Mr. H) "Is it rhodium silver? - Well, I have not accepted it anymore.
    It's beautiful though. GT Silver is also pretty clean
    here we have? "
    GT Silver "Surely beautiful" even 700,000 yen high.
    But why not?
    From tomorrow Mr. H seems to be struggling to pick up the frame. Please expect it.

    I want to be able to take pictures as quickly as Mina.

  2. How to support life


    I had you let me comment before,
    Since I returned to Japan, I had "Panasonic" banana order.
    I'm still quite impatient in the room in the middle of moving.

    Ride it 32 million yen. It is still expensive, is not it

    (Mr. H in charge) "Does it need to be an executive? If it's Turbo, it will be delivered in November
    I am confident, but .... Is that so. Is it an executive? I understand,
    I will do something even if I take away the frame of another dealer. Alright! "
    I did not know exactly what this "Yoshida" is good, but it seems that I will do my best anyway.

    (Life) "I'm trying to make it a rhodium silver"
    (Mr. H) "Well, Rhodium Silver, I have not subscribed anymore.
    It is beautiful with blueness. Is not it GT Silver?
    But this one is cool. "
    GT Silver, it costs 700,000 yen.
    It can not be helped.

    Today, payment of application fee is over, Mr. H seems to be taking a frame from tomorrow.
    Gunbarely! !

    • MinaMina

      Oh! Finally I was able to get into the order! ! !
      It's amazing! ! ! ! Congratulations ^ ^
      Even so, Panamera Turbo Executive is amazing ... the highest rank is also the finest class ... 32 million yen ... It is a "house" that moves naught ...!
      It is amazing! ! !

      My husband said that "GT Silver is really cool!"
      It would be nice to be delivered by the end of this year, in that case I would be happy if you could upload photos ^ ^
      Thank you very much!

  3. How to support life

    Your master 's comments are always encouraging.

    • MinaMIna

      Thank you ^ ^ My husband was in continuous call with "It's so metalish!
      I think that the red of the caliper is surely shining up and it will be beautiful.
      Thank you in the future ^ ^