Five things that women want to be aware of when driving a car with a car lover.

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Car and love affair

By car you can also talk about not talking normally

When I am in a car, I feel like I can speak naturally about not being able to speak much. When I go to long drive by my family, the children usually sleep on the way home, so I talk with my husband variously during that time.

Recent situation, change of mind, what I want to cherish now, about work .... Somehow, rather than going out for two people to eat rice(If I have a child I have not had such a chance recently), The car is easier to talk with.

I searched on the net for thinking that there is also easiness of talking because it is a narrow space because I am sitting side by side rather than face to face, I found a lot of such articles.

■ Do you dislike in the passenger seat manner? 7 absolutely forbidden girls' actions on drive date
■ Aim for the passenger seat beauty while driving dating! Explain the manners BEST 5 and NG deeds 7 selections with male perspective
■ I do not want such a woman! Passenger's seat manners disliked 5

Well ... are the girls in the world studying this article before driving date?

I only have a sleep in the passenger seat

I often went to drive with my husband before I got married, but basically I was sleeping all the time. And when you get to your destination"Well, I arrived already, I slept well ...."And the words of no delicacy were rumored, and I was exhausted as soon as I got tired.

Besides cars, when my husband got on behind a motorcycle and went to the touring with two people, the wind was comfortable and not too much pleasure, just saying something ... Or saying "row a ship" is not a level so much that it is a level of explosion It was.

Drive her husband's helmet thrust his head from behind"Hang out on a motorcycle Please do not sleep like that (-_-)"I was amazed, never ever go to bike touring again.

If I think so, after I like cars, I feel like I'm seldom sleeping in the passenger seat.(It is not completely gone though)

What is the content of the article you care about?

Well, I thought what kind of things are written in the net article and I immediately saw it.

■ Before getting into your boyfriend's car, items you want to prepare
· Wet tissue
· Sleepiness wake-up gum and ame
· I love boyfriend but sweets and drinks
■ The boyfriend who drives is the happiest thing that she is a passenger's seat Best 5
1. It opens a drink
2. Praise driving tech
3. Driving support
4. I care about my physical condition
5. I am making fun
■ Seven acts you want the lady at the front passenger's seat to pay attention to
1. Talk to the driving method
2. Be careful of too much perfume
3. Watch smartphone all the time · call
4. Sleep
5. Sitting is bad
6. Suddenly emit a big voice etc.
7. Sleeping at the front passenger seat to inform you that you want to go to the bathroom suddenly
* Source: Aim for a passenger seat beauty while driving dating! Explain the manners BEST 5 and NG deeds 7 selections with male perspective

After all I do not sleep well.

How is that?

Looking at other articles in detail, there were many contents like "Well, I care about that!"

· "When you give drinks, do not give me a lid and a cork open" (37 years old / information / IT / sales job)
→ If you want me to leave, is it wrong to say "ah"?
· "I'm concentrating on driving while speaking to you" (38 years old / medical / welfare / others)
→ Well then why do not you go driving by yourself?
· "Do not check backwards when you back" (22 years old / others / others)
→ No, let's do it basically by myself
· "I'm lost, I will not do anything" (38 years old / transportation / warehouse / sales job / service system)
→ Well then "Is not it okay to check with Googlemap?"
· "While I am picking a place with a good landscape, I am running, only when I am watching a smartphone" (35 years old / school / education related / clerical profession)
→ Yes, that is right.
· "What she did not help with paying the toll at the toll booth" (37 years / metal / steel / chemical / technical work)
→ No, no, 37 years old ... keep it firm.
* Source: I do not want such a woman! Passenger's seat manners disliked 5

..."I do not want to go on a date with such a troublesome male"I feel that I do not match the general public men (- _ -)

In case of a car dating with a car lover

But thinking carefully,"Car date with a car lover"When"Dating with a car with traveling means with a man who does not particularly like cars"With that, the point of consideration seems to be very different. In my case, my husband liked the car, so it may be better for those who had been sleeping next to me, enjoying driving as I want ...(Do you think too much about this conveniently?)

About my care with a date with a car lover, in my opinion to the last,

1 Do not eat and drink with a basic car
When the other person says "Do you want something?", I drink with you, but I do not bring it in myself
2 Doors carefully
When I closed the door briefly, my husband sometimes told me to take a roundabout
3 Clear the soil of the shoe sole
If you go outside and get dirty, drop it a little and ride it.
Praise 4 cars
No one feels disgusted, being praised for his own car.
Listen to your interest when you are in a car conversation
Even if I do not understand well, "I talk about this car engine ...", I hear positively "What is this?

Is it feeling? However, basically, consideration to the other party,"Attitude to take care of yourself what you care about"I think that is important. As I write, I will reflect on various things, so let's be conscious from today as well w

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