I tried using the application "Porsche Indy Visuality" distributed yesterday!

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Porsche Individuality

Yesterday, Porsche's original app in Japan version"Porsche Individuality (Porsche Individuality)"I was told that the distribution of the item was started. It can fully enjoy the attraction of Porsche, such as the video of Porsche's history and the world view, sports exhaust sound, game, wallpaper, 360 degree panorama VR experience,In Germany, delivery began in 2017 and received the international design award such as "red dot design award"We have earned a high reputation such as to do.
I thought that this would be interesting and tried installing it on the smartphone immediately.

*Reference article: Experience the world view of the Porsche brand, start distribution of the original version of the Japanese version

Search for apps with expectations!

As soon as I searched on iPhone's App Store,"Porsche Individuality (Porsche Individuality)"Discovered!

"German, British, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese"It is written that it can be used in. …But,

"British" ... Does that mean "English" (-_-)?

I wonder if Japanese conversion is going well or not ... I remember a bit of anxiety but I read a detailed explanation of the application.

What if you personalize Porsche like your fingerprints?
This official Porsche App will show you the world of personalization of Porsche.
The main focus is you and numerous amazing details. And I will show you various and effective options.
The application will guide you to individualizing an attractive one-time vehicle in a limited series called Esclusive at the beginning of realizing you as an owner.
With a limited passion for your Porsche, experience a special personalization in the only Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur with the Porsche Tequipment and in a way you can adapt Porsche to suit your desire.
As you wish. The result will be a Porsche without any other comparable items.
Thank you very much.


... ....


... No I do not understand (* _ *)! !

The more I read it the more I do not understand.

I wonder if I translated by Google Translate ...Even so, there is only a sense of incompatibility in the succession of "individualization" which is not used in Japanese so much (lol)Finally I often see the English sentences that I'd like to close with "Thank you.", But when translating to Japanese, I do not need "Thank you" is not it?

In other words,"Try making one of your favorite Porsche in the world"It will be temporary interpretation ... and proceed ahead.

I will try using the application at last!

So, as soon as you opened the application, this screen came out first.

... The top word, it is not German for anything! What? (; ゚ ∀ ゚)

For now, tap "Exclusive Manufaktur" at the top. Then this is the screen.

I see ... because there are 29 items, swipe, scroll and advance? As soon as I scroll once,

Well ... compared to the description of the application, I still know what I want to say (lol)

"Let's go back to when the car was marketed for the first time, even individuals could get a car."Is that it?

When scrolling, this screen came out.

Oh ... along with the famous lines of Ferdinand Porsche,From the beginning of "356" to Porsche, what kind of cars have been released and what kind of history has been followedAs shown in FIG.
By the way, Panamera is also introduced like this.

This is quite funny and I thought it was a very good tool to know the history of Porsche and the cars that have been developed so far. Next is this screen.

"When was the dream like a reality? "

......... When was the dream like it was like reality, when was it?

... ....

... ....

... I do not even know what they are asked for (- _ -) Baku

When did you have the Porsche you dreamed for years? ... No, I do not think so. When you start feeling up and press the start of memory, this screen looks like this.

Well, suddenly test ゚ (゚ A ゚;)! What?

As I wrote "Judgment" on the upper right, I began to unravel with a spirit of what kind of "Porsche test what kind of thing" would come out. And somehow I found out so far ...

I do not know the other two questions. After trying "Ichigaka!"

Yeah, incorrect - (* _ *)

By the way, this is nothing special even with all the correct answers, feeling that quizzes of various car models and photos will come out all the time. For those who like husbands or Porsche, they should have a good quizzes.

I go on steadily.

Then scroll the next screen ...

Yes, every square centimeter ~ (; ゚ ∀ ゚)! What?

I made it round with my thumb and index finger thought "I do not think it is about a square centimeter".(Image diagram)

If you go ahead without understanding what it is, this screen appears,

When you tap this round part,

just like this,

Each enlarged view and explanation comes up. It was such a thing to check every square centimeter (laugh)

What is the next screen?

If somewhere comes this far, I will not mind becoming mindful of Japanese translation.

Do not think, feel.

Porsche"Do not think, feel"It is surely said so.

Apparently it seems that you can change the color of the 911 turboS exterior and interior of your choice to your liking, this is the default.

I tried it like this.

It made me feel somewhat safe ... (- _ -)

In addition, I can experience various Porsche experiences

Well, from here I would like to introduce you to crispy. Next is an introduction of accessories.

And, the next thing is to experience the horsepower and the amazingness of the torque, by the way the sound does not sound.

Next, when touching with a finger, the Porsche logo emerges, does it seem a bit relaxing?

Next, at 911 targa 4 GTS, explanation of sports design package and options etc.

Also, what happens if you put your favorite letters in the door entry guard? And,

After that, you can see examples of interior and exterior combinations in each car model,

It was fun. I think that 360 degree panorama VR experience, if you move the smartphone, you can experience the same panorama view as you are sitting in the driver's seat and looking around.

After that, various wallpapers are prepared, it is about the wind tunnel test of the Weisach package, you can listen to the sports exhaust sound, you can do something like a simplified version of the configurator ...

And when we finish watching everything, it will be this screen.

No problem, thank you very much for this. (; ゚ ∀ ゚)

Application "Porsche Indy Visuality" General Review

From this application, there will be no direct purchase or inquiries screen,"If you are interested, please go to your nearest dealer"It seems like that.

When I tried using Porsche Indy Visuality, I felt it,

"First of all, try changing this application variously, after knowing about Porsche, if you decide the specifications of the car with the configurator, it will become one of your choice"

I feel like that.

Since information on Porsche is collected, I think it is very good to know about Porsche.After that, I wonder if it is more interesting to have racing related matters. In addition, if information is updated every time, you will feel like trying it regularly when there is time.

Oh, oh yeah, if you use the app, is it easier for the tablet to do better than the smartphone?

Who cares?Install application from hereYou can do it, please.

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  1. shimoyannjp

    Mina, it's been a long time. It is shimoyannjp that I reply to the page of typhoon damage.

    No, this article is also a comment on "Porsche Indy Visuality" in sentences mixed with mina's Kansai dialect (or nearly entirely Kansai dialect). I burst out laughing from around here other than the (bomb) mark. Absolutely mina There is such a sense ~.

    If Futafu of that country of manufacture translated commentary on a foreign product, why would it be that way? Watch manuals and manuals of cycle bicycles like brands like GAMIN are also funny instructions, are not they?

    The story will change, did you see the number 73 of 911 Days of the Porsche special issue magazine? An article about Momoe Yamaguchi's song 'Playback PART 2' at the beginning of the special issue was very interesting, but I'd like to ask how you feel about mina.

    Well, also ~ ~.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      Long time no see. Thank you for commenting again!
      Well thank you for your very happy words.

      Since it is a type that is often thrust in compared with plunging normally,
      It was pleasant while writing as much as possible (laugh)

      Certainly, explanation that foreign country products people in foreign country translated,
      It is interesting that I do not know the reason (laugh)
      Recently Google Translate is becoming smarter, so I'm a bit lonely with Uhm and Om I wonder if such instructions will be lost in a few years w

      Is No. 73 of 911 DAYS, Is this the latest issue! What?
      I will take a moment to worry ^ ^

      Thank you!

  2. shimoyannjp

    Are you OK? If you look closely, this article was an article on May 31st. I made a comment with the intention of having read the latest article as to where I mistook it. So, again, I saw the latest article to see if there was a reply from Mr. mina but I did not find the article itself very easily. I wonder if I made too much of myself to make a comment by mistaking the article three months ago. . .

    Still, thank you for finding comments soon, thanks for your early reply, thanks. I'm glad.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      > Are you OK? If you look closely, this article was an article on May 31st.
      Oh, that's right (lol) Rather, I thought that you read and go back to such a past article (laugh)

      Since the category is the same for yesterday's articles and articles on May 31, it may be that they flew by pushing some button!

      If you comment in this way, I am happy to have a blog writing paragraph.
      Thank you very much!