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Front of Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Living with Porsche

* The top image happened to be a gust I went today, I just happened to take a picture of Panamera and it has nothing to do with the content of the article w

Will not you write anything other than Porsche?

The other day I showed a blog to an acquaintance"Do not you write cars other than Porsche?"I was asked. I thought about it again, but for the moment I do not plan to write anything other than Porsche.(I occasionally wrote about golf or Mercedes)But why,

I will post this blog,I want to write and writeFrom.

Not to say that someone is going to write it, in the first place"Let's write about my favorite Panamera on my blog"I started writing it as a start and I write with the feeling that I want to share the goodness of Porsche and Panamera with everyone of the readers.

Because I am convinced, I can write

I guess I am clumsy and myself. Even when I was operating in the previous company, about 10% of the target is set for products that I do not feel good with confidence, although I achieve 500% of the item I thought "this is good!" I could only sell it.

Also from your boss"You are really easy to understand"I was often told.

As for the blog as well, I think that it is "good heartbreaking" about Porsche, so what I want to write is overflowing, but for other car makers, of course not knowing so much or not having ridden too much I can not write it because I do not have any feelings.

Opinion because it is an ordinary person

From a long time ago, I got advice from a car blogger who looked up to me as a master (haha).

The usefulness of car bloggers is"I can state a subjective opinion"That. It is difficult for dealers and motor journalists to describe subjective opinions such as "I love it here" and "This is better than competitors' products" about their products (of a specific manufacturer), and as a result, numbers (specs) etc. I can not help but to state objective information. But since we are ordinary people, we can simply compare subjective opinions such as "cool", "I want it", "amazing!" And comparison with other companies' products without problems, and that may be the information that "people viewing blogs" want unknown.

I see ... I thought it was exactly right.

Human smell, with real intention

I do not have expertise like a motor journalist or a car critic,There is something I can write because I am a Porsche favorite person.

Rather it will be undeniable that Porsche will become a favorite ...

But in the smell of human beings whose real intention can not be gotten, I think that it is a part of what I want to say and that it will become a part that the reader can sympathize with.

So from now on, I hope I can update the article with such a taste.

If you think so, it is wonderful that Kazuo Shimizu is openly posting Porsche in that position only w

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