Which one is good after all? Comparison of test drive of Panamera, Turbo SE Hybrid, Turbo Sports Turismo.

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Porsche feature on ENGINE.

My husband ordered a magazine "ENGINE" the other day. Apparently the latest issue of that "ENGINE""Porsche special feature"That being so.

With ENGINE,Monthly magazine centered on topics of carsIt seems that it is a magazine that covers information on every field where adult men are interested, from fashion, watch, house product, gourmet, movies and music. On the front cover,

"Porsche's evolution will not stop" I ride the new 911 GT 3 RS with the Nürburgring. / Just before landing in Japan, up to Alsace with the new Cayenne and Turbo. / Designing Porsche. ... etc etc Total Power Specials Over 70 pages!

it is written like this.


Um ... um ... About Panamera (- _ -)?

I thought "There is no character of Panamera anywhere", but when I opened the magazine I had it properly(Sora ya do not you w).

Over 6 pages,Three test drive articles of Panamera, Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid, Panamera Turbo Sports TurismoIt was written!

What is the evaluation of each Panamera that you care?

In conclusion,Great praise in all three modelsIt had been.

First of all,Panamera Turbo SE Hybridabout.

☑ The Turbo SE Hybrid is surprised to find that various elements such as a sports car, a 4-door saloon, and an eco-car are included.
☑ It is great not to lose anything Porsche had in terms of running fun while using the latest technology that can run around 50 km only by electricity.
☑ When I ran sports plus and ran along the Pass road, I thought it was like a 911 turbo.
☑ We can not escape any car lovers from environmental problems. For the Turbo SE Hybrid, Porsche contains the answer "We are going in such a way". I made the most fuel-efficient car and the fastest car two-in-one.

I see. It was a turbo model this time, but what if it was a 4E hybrid? Still, can you feel the feeling like 911 and the pleasures of running as much as you want? I do not want to look for a test drive article around that.

What is the best Panamera?

Then,Evaluation of raw panameraWhat?

☑ I felt that Porsche was nice, it was Panamera in 3 liters V6 's elementary school.
☑ The goodness of the new platform based on the front engine and the rear drive is easy to understand if there are not many ones.
☑ Elementary Panamera is light. Although it is light, it is 1800 kg.
☑ Compared to the first generation, it is getting much better. In order not to be ashamed of the name of Porsche, it is quick and useless, and when driving like 911 and creating a fun large saloon, I think I found out what I can throw away and what I can not discern by making the first generation.
☑ The new model looks like 911 at the moment. Instead, the rear seat clearance and luggage are not that big.
☑ It is more important to see Porsche than to compete with rivals such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and others.
☑ There is only Panamera and Aston Martin Rapids who have priority over styling by cutting out the living space to some extent with just that big body.

Panasona's great praise. My husband also"It is certainly nice Panamera is light and too good enough"He said. Cayenne also said that the second generation is higher evaluation than the first generation, but also the evaluation about Panamera.

Certainly, there are many fumble parts of the first generation, and the second generation improved upon receiving the situation of the first generation may be greatly evolving.

Sports Turismo Is your company?

So what about Sports Turismo?Panamera is that big body, because it is a model pursuing sporty of four people, it is necessary to have a sports Turismo model that can ride fiveIt seems to be said.

☑ It seems that the voice saying that we were seating five people was quite large.
☑ If you are running normally in normal mode, thoroughly control it in the eco direction.
☑ This sports tourism is not a hybrid turbo model, but it was fast enough.
☑ I thought it was the fastest part of the three cars, 220 kg lighter than Turbo SE Hybrid.

And that.

What is Panamera's overall rating?

Regarding the overall opinion about Panamera, I also"I am right, I'm expressing that it is good."Just a content saying, it is like this when you excerpt.

☑ I got to admire when seeing the new Panamera in the capital high speed and the city after riding these three units.
☑ I will not say until I correct the collar, but I think "I bought a good one."
☑ BMW 7 Series M760i, Mercedes S Class AMG are no longer compatible opponents.
☑ In the area of ​​the sports car, it stands completely away.
☑ No new Panamera has a moment to forget to drive. The feeling that I am driving is very strong.

Every time I look at such an article, I think that motor journalists and car critic people are amazing. It may be natural, but I am familiar with cars, expressions are accurate, even easy to understand. After all the pro is amazing ~.

Regarding "ENGINE" this time, other articles were also very contentful and interesting. There are 1000 readings for this ... magazines are amazing.

By the way, the latest issue can be purchased from here. This must-see!
→ ENGINE July 2018 issue

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