I've been driving the Fuji Speedway circuit with a Porsche Panamera Turbo!

Porsche New Panamera Turbo 971

Finally parade run!

Here are just articles about Porsche Experience at Fuji Speedway ... About parade run today.With a program that can run on a car with a car of its own, only 70 Porsches can participate in the 70th anniversary.Although I was able to obtain the number on the first come, it is from 17:30 after the circuit race is finished that the parade run is actually performed side by side from 8 o'clock in the morning.

So, when I headed to the prescribed place to attend the briefing from 16:30, almost all of them are already waiting even though it was a while ago. People of Porsche fans often hear that they are serious and nice people, but they are really true (゚ ∀ ゚) ...!

Join the briefing

Immediately to the participants, things like parking tickets like stickers were handed over,

I was instructed to put it on the rearview mirror. The staff takes about 10 minutes

· Directions to enter the circuit
· Headlights must be attached
· Adjusting the radio to 79.7 leads to live performance at Fuji Speedway
· The circuit runs two laps
· After finishing running for two laps and leaving the circuit, the flow is dissolved

After that, each one, to their own cars afterwards.

And then,Mt. Fuji, which has been covered with clouds and has not appeared at all, finally appeared before us!

Oh ... big!

Finally I got into the car and went to the circuit

Get on the car immediately, engage the engine, and turn on the headlight as instructed by the staff. First of all, in order to stand by in three rows, we will bring the car to a predetermined place,Everyone's good manners are good, there is not a mind-bending spirit.

And wait patiently at this place.

I waited quite well. Have you waited for about 20 minutes?

After that, we finally went to the circuit.

The moment I entered the circuit, I was moved a lot.Especially I was not a person named "I want to run a great deal!", And I was rather not interested, but with a wide road that I never saw, I overlooked the audience seating and was distinguished by tension and excitement There was a feeling of air.

Stop the car in three rows and from there take a picture of Porsche Japan.

"Owner! Please swing the flag - In a fun atmosphere," Porsche best! "Is touched, I will take a photo! "

An announcement flows, everyone obey the instructions, but the people of Porsche fans are shy.(I also burned)

Everyone's supposed to be really excited, there is no feeling of playing at all, it seems that I'm pretty sure to shake the flag briefly ... (lol)

Umm ... Shall I have a little fun ...?

Hands down the hand ~!

I feel like Porsche best ~!

If this ends, the parade run will not start!

Many told, variously, everyone's barely finished, everyone smiled and got a hand and finished safely. After that, there was a 5-minute grid walk,

Start running at last.

It's running!

Because it's a big deal, leave it in sports plus mode and leave!

Nonetheless, the first lap runs slowly to make 70 rows of rows.

Gradually, as speed came out, pretty hairpin curves came out, and there was a scene in which I got speed on racing(I mean I get speed quickly just by stepping on from the sports plus mode of Panamera Turbo)

To her husband,

"Brake, brake!" "With Tsukkoma as it is!"

As I said from the side, I went on running.

Until now I was riding Panamera,I never felt like "I could not bend!" "I could be shaken horizontally", but I felt G or centrifugal force so much that I felt a little scared.

Also, there is a 90 degree curve after climbing slope and a steep curve in the end without knowing at all, no hay ... racer fighting with more than 200 kilometers on this course is incredible.

Until now"Why are you not over with that!" "It is weak spirit power to be pulled out in a good place!"I was sorry, but I'm sorry. I finally understood the magnitude of everyone. From now on my eyes look like the race will change.

"In such a case, I wish I could remember the course of Fuji Speedway properly ~"

"Too bad, I said that! I do not understand the course and the course pickup is too bad, so I will be beside this (-_-)"

It was said. The husband who is on the side would have been scared (Baku) Anyway,Fuji can be seen pattily, I can run Fuji Speedway beside that ...The insanely felt comfortable.

Ended with great satisfaction

Two laps on the circuit in no time"Well, it's over! I want to run about ten more weeks!"I will leave the circuit with the feeling.

In the announcement of the live commenters "Even when you leave the circuit, everyone was issued a blinker, everyone of the Porsche fans truly said good manners!" Was heard.

Certainly (lol)

Porsche Experience Day of this time was fun with the parade run at the circuit,I could touch the feeling of air of Porsche fansIt was also great. I was able to meet someone who was interacting with twitter, I had a new encounter, and I was able to feel the whole feeling that everyone is good people, I am rich in life and liked Porsche.

I am grateful to my husband for making such experience.

Dinner is ...

The parade run was finished around 18:30. And, although it was talked about what to do for dinner, Mt. Fuji also appeared patently and I got a valuable experience of running a circuit on Porsche, and I felt that the bee was going to hit more than I wanted, In spite of "Good, convenience store!I bought a lunch box at a convenience store and ate to the hotel and ate (laugh)

By the way, although I plan to go home today, I decided not to go see the Hakone Turnpike driving of the 919 Hybrid Tribute. I already saw 919 hybrid tribute yesterday(I will write that impression etc separately), Because it is an EV car, I do not make any sound at all, Hakone is heavy rain today so I wonder if it is enough.

If I thought about going round about Mt. Fuji and going to return home today ...

A bulletin of earthquakes in Osaka has jumped in. It seems better to return this soon anyway!

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