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Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is blog administrator Mina. An interview plan to everyone who supports Porsche that started from May "Porsche Supporters file". The second bullet is located in Minami Ward, Kyoto CityAuto and House Co., Ltd.I have talked to Tatsuya Matsumoto of Mr. Matsumoto. Mr. Matsumoto is a former super durable racer!

Porsche seeing the former racer

* There are many famous cars that we rarely see in the factory.

1-1: About Auto and House

What kind of company is Auto & House?

Our company,Imported car · domestic production car new car secondhand car sale, car inspection, general repairIt is a company doing. Established in 1981, this year 37 years. Immediately after I was born, my father, who was a salesman at that time Yanase, started up.
My father secured the import route from Germany and started parallel import of European cars in the time Germany was still divided into the east and west.Even cars with the same specifications, parallel imports can be purchased cheaper than dealersSo that was pleasing to our customers, and the company grew with the backing of the times, but now the benefits of parallel imports are fewer and the handling has almost gone.
When it is told that "I really want a car with a left steering wheel that will not be released in Japan," it is about purchasing directly from Germany.

What type of cars are handled?

Mercedes · Benz is the main but we also deal with vehicles from various manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Bentley, Golf, Audi. For example, about car sales, from customers"My son buys a car, I want you to look for a good car" "Because repair costs are high, I would like to buy a new car"We ask you to make a request. Many customers who have been associated for many years and have trusted us as well, so we asked the customer "I want a car with this specification at about the mileage of about this" and ask the car that matches it, such as a dealer And proposing purchase at auction.
As for repair and maintenance after purchase as well as requests on a daily basis,InstagramBut we are introducing.

What are the strengths of Auto and House?

I think that it is not limited to a maintenance factory but also selling new cars and secondhand cars.Strengths to support everything in a series, from maintenance to after purchasing a car, vehicle inspection, up to replacement afterwardsI think that it is kana.
Also, although it may not be a strength, many of our customers include the presidents of some listed companies, the presidents of the company, and the president. Therefore, in Mercedes · Benz, not CLA, A, B class,It tends to deal with large sedans such as S class and E class which can be used even at work regularly.

Selling as high class line up ... amazing.

However, although there are many such good customers,Since young people 's departure from the car and the Japanese car market are still in a downturn trend, we always want a sense of crisis with managementI am going.
For example, the number of local dealers who have invested money and expanded their lineup has increased. At first it was only the handling of Toyota cars, but gradually Lexus, Benz, Audi ... ... Conversely, the handling of only a single manufacturer got fewer. In the meantime, we think that we have to constantly think about how we can continue to be needed and survive.

1-2: About Porsche

Because Mr. Matsumoto who knows various cars, it feels, What is the merit of Porsche?

Until now I have taken various cars,There are no other cars other than Porsche that "three of the important elements of the car" Running, Stopping, and Turning "have been realized in such a high level and in a well-balanced mannerI think. Other European manufacturers' cars have speed, but they are concerned about the brakes, there is no pleasure to run even if there is power, although one is skipping but not well balanced ... But, Porsche is different. I think that it is a very fun car riding.
If you use everyday, I think whether Mercedes · Benz is good, but thinking in terms of running fun, Porsche is good.

Porsche performance is outstanding! What do you think about "design"?

Many people like Italian cars say "I do not like the design of Porsche so much", but the point is that the point is personal preference issue.I think that it is wonderful about this design with an identity understood as Porsche at a glance.Frequently Japanese cars are told that "If you do not have an emblem, you do not know which manufacturer's car you have," but Porsche knows that it is a Porsche even from a distance.

This is also true for European cars such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but I think that having identity on the face of the car is an important thing.

Chapter 2. I love cars, I am on the way to the race

2-1: The reason I got interested in cars

Since when did you come to like cars?

I grew up in an environment surrounded by a car since I was a child, so I think that I liked nature and cars. Since my father had already operated this company when I was born,If you hear that an unusual car entered, you go to the office to see the company,There was a chance to touch the car on a daily basis.
In 1987, when I was six years old, the broadcast of F1 began with terrestrial broadcasting, but I have been watching it since then and even when F1 was held for the first time in Japan, I went to see my father and the Suzuka Circuit did.
When I actually saw F1 race live, I remember being impressed very much while I was a child, "Much wow!" That is many times more powerful than watching on TV.
Even if you look at the race while you are doing it"Why are you going to step on the brakes here, you can get on with the accelerator fully open!" "Why will you run with such a course?"And, it became interested in running itself. Since I liked the cart of amusement park originally and was riding well, gradually it began to think that it wants to go out to the race.

I am interested in the race and it's amazing how I really became a racer!

No, such a thing like that (lol) Because my father was also doing a rally, so many adults are doing race"I want to race myself"I think that it began to think naturally. And at a certain moment, I really want to race myself and tell my father about thatAnd "If you pass the entrance examination for junior high, you can do it"I was told ... (laugh) I was able to pass the exam for the best of my studies and started the cart at the age of 12.
After graduating from university I joined Mitsubishi Motors and was on a Super Endurance Race etc. to be held at Fuji Speedway,Since there was a Lehman shock in 2009, sponsors have withdrawn, so we decided to quit the race ... After that, I retired from Mitsubishi Motors and joined my father's company.

2-2: Attraction of the race

What is the attraction of the race?

It is interesting that the "winning or losing" clearly appears world of the gameIs not it? It is not a competition that competes for scores such as artistic points and technical points, and finally the one who finished the goal at the top is No. 1. Very easy to understand.
In addition, while targeting strategy with team in advance, we aim for the first place while dealing with every situation such as weather, timing of yellow flag ... That is very interesting. Well I think that it is a person who likes winning matters originally.

My son is now two years old. Would you like to race after all?

No, I do not want to. Because it costs a lot of money (laugh)Because I need as much money to buy the Panamera Turbo every year as a new car.Despite the money being taken so far, I really appreciate my father who let me race from the time I was a child.

Chapter 3. The future of cars and industry that Mr. Matsumoto wants

3-1: About Ms. Matsumoto's most wanted car

If you buy a car, what do you want most now?

Naturally, it is 911.As a person who was doing the race, I put special importance on brake performance,911 is RR (rear engine · rear drive) so the brakes are much moreIt is. In general, many cars are loading engines at the front, which means that the load is applied to the front part when stepping on the brake, and the back floats up. Even if you have four brakes, the rear brake works only about 20%.
On the other hand, since the rear is heavy, the rear of the RR gets stuck much when stepping on the brake, so you can stop using the maximum brake performance.So I think that the balance is good.
I think Panamera and other Porsche are also wonderful cars, but I'm a type that I want to divide the sports car with a sports car, the luxury car is a luxury car. So, you still want 911, which is the most popular Porsche sports car DNA.

Also ... Ferrari is cool, but I will be careful when I run through the city (laugh)Porsche can usually make a mistake without difficultySo, that point is also nice.

There are various things to say 911. What do you want the most?

The 997 turbo and the 991 turbo S that I had ridden in the past were also good, but if you say what you can buy without limiting your budget,I want GT3 (lol)After all it is cool.

3-2: Recent car separation

Why do you think that recent car departure is advanced?

First,Diversification of entertainmentI think. In the past, as there were not many entertainment and hobbies so much, I think that there was a pattern like "buy a good car and make her on!", But now such thing has gone.
AlsoAs the city's transportation network is well developed, it has become possible to go anywhere by train or busI think that is also big.
In terms of money, the maintenance cost of the car is very high. "Taking a taxi and paying thousands of yen is expensive", but as a whole it is cheaper to sell all the cars and live by taxi alone. I actually did calculate it (laugh)
Therefore, if you catch only the car as a means of transporting, it is becoming the era when it is said that there is no meaning to have it.

It is said that cars have become an era to share?

I agree. Each car manufacturer also puts emphasis on car share. I think that the car share of luxury cars will increase more and more in the future. Times is offering Aston Martin's rental cars in some areas, and Audi is also starting to share cars in Tokyo ... will be increasing more and more in the future.

Do you think that Porsche will survive, even if the car goes away?

Yes, I think it will survive.Until a little while ago, there was a time when Porsche was in trouble with the business situation with only the 911 lineup, but by launching Cayenne I got over it. After that, we expanded the lineup according to customers' needs such as Panamera and Makan, and every model has succeeded.
In the past, people who like "Porsche likes SUVs" also had the form of "searching with Benz or BMW because there is no SUV in Porsche"It is now big enough to be completed in PorscheI think.
Even so, because SUV and sedan are basically based on sports car DNA,"Porsche is all a sports car"I think that the important point is that part.

What do you think about becoming more and more electric cars in the future?

As an honest car lover, it is sad that the developed car will become an electric car.The feeling of accelerating while stepping on the accelerator and listening to a pleasant engine sound is the real pleasure of driving.Electric cars accelerate, but because they only hear Keen, I think that it is a bit unsatisfactory.
Also, since the hybrid is a regenerative brake, I feel a little discomfort. The technology improved, the feeling of discomfort in control was much less, but it is slightly different from the braking I think. But this is usually a part I do not notice, so I think that there is no problem for the general public (lol)

3-3: Mr. Matsumoto's resolution

As a position to be involved in the car, Mr. Matsumoto wants to continue the car industry in the future?

I would like to increase the number of people who like cars even by one person."Well then, what is the concrete method for that?", It is a bit troubling, but ... (Laugh) However, as a position where I am involved in a car,The most important thing is to care for customers in front of you right now and always pursue the best jobI am thinking whether it is.

Although Japan is such a small island country, there are also 14 automobile manufacturers when the trucks are put together. If some subcontractors are also present, I think that about 10% of the people who work in Japan probably do some work involving cars in some way.Nevertheless, the car culture is not rooted.This is too lonesome.
So, I would like to have Japanese carmakers continue to race in the circuit races and rallies, especially Toyota. By doing so, it is very wonderful if you increase the technology, feed back to the commercial cars, make even better cars, and the number of car fans increases, so I guess I still have to do my best!

【Impression of blog administrator Mina】
Mr. Matsumoto who is a car lover, a former racer, and now works at a car shop. From the story, as a car lover, the feeling that we would like to continue to excite the car industry from now on has been touted. If you live in Keihanshin and are looking for famous cars etc. of the past year, why do not you visit the auto and house by all means? Mr. Matsumoto, thank you very much!

【About Auto and House】
■ Company name: Auto and House Co., Ltd.
■ Representative: Makoto Matsumoto
■ Business description:
Automobile division
· Sales and repair of imported cars (new car / used car)
· Car rental service
· Property insurance business agency
Building department
· Trading, mediation and rental of real estate
· Comprehensive Construction Industry (Housing · Store Building)
· Real Estate Consulting
■ Location: 1-10 Minami-cho, Kichijo-ji, Kyoto-shi Minami-ku
■ Phone: 075-661-7201
■ Official HPHere

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