Important thing for a car to be a hobby common to both couples - a wife's consideration with a husband who likes Porsche

Porsche 356
In order not to oppose the purchase of Porsche to his wife

Cars are common hobby of couples

Daily from blog comments and messages"I envy that husband and wife can share the hobby of cars"As I often write the content, I thought about thinking on my own, the other day I wrote such an article.

→ Reference article: What is the biggest reason for my husband to oppose Porsche purchase by his wife?

And after writing this article, I got a message, but it was written like this.

"If you have a family as a company, your wife is a co-owner, I think the essence of investing in cars as a company is merit." Fortunately, my family is motivated to work and I like it I thought that traveling happily together by car is a merit, I think that I have to work hard to earn money accordingly. "

No, no! Just that's right (゚ ∀ ゚)!

Does my wife have a merit?

Certainly my husband bought a Porsche, but with my family, I will take care of my child to my wife and go out for a drive by myself on weekends ... as if from my wife"What is your happy thought, what is it?"It makes me feel like. Besides, Porsche is a hobby that costs money.

If this is the case, it can not be a common hobby, rather it may dislike Porsche (lol)

So, like a message you got, by buying a Porsche,

① More opportunities for family members to go on hot spring trips
② Increase opportunities for family members to go out
③ My husband got to work harder and earn more and more
④ I'm feeling a bit comfortable when Momma told me "Oh, I'm on a Porsche! It is amazing!"
⑤ More opportunities to go to drive by married couple with their children

Or ... Well, I think that there are various things depending on the shape of the couple, but whatever form"Whether the wife feels the merit"It is a very big point.

Is there room for Porsche to enter into life?

And at the same time, I wrote an article and thought "This is important". that is,"Wife has time allowance = whether there is spiritual marginThat's it. No matter how much Porsche is a good car,If there is no room for Porsche to enter his wife's life, it can not be shared as a hobbyI think.

Indeed I think that I am interested in Porsche and that my husband's common hobby has been "save my work with my second baby birth."

I am independent at the age of 27 and have worked diligently anyway until the end of last year when I give birth to the second daughter. It was natural to have a computer from sleeping until the middle of the night, and even when I went to a hot spring trip I always brought a personal computer and whatever I was working in a room of an inn.

Also, every time we had a closed break, we lost physical condition and had a fever without fail, so from her husband"I have never traveled in a healthy state (- _ -)"It was said (explosion)

At the time there was Boxster in our house and I thought that it was certainly a nice car, but I did not have any room for Porsche to enter in my life on my work as a housekeeping.

Decision to save work

However, in the fall of 2016 when pregnancy became pregnant and my stomach became conspicuous. Following the eldest daughter 's baby' s return becoming pretty bad,Reflect on how to face your child with your childIt will be ...

I tried to transfer her eldest daughter to authorized nursery school from April the following year,All nursery schools wanted refused that there is no vacancy.

"Should I just leave it in the kindergarten? Well then would you take a look at the kindergarten at the international school in the neighborhood?" When I went to a school to visit the international school, the first shy handicaider seemed to be enjoying like a different person Seeing that, couple consulting,

"My eldest daughter will be at the international school, and I will pick you up at 14 o'clock, the second daughter will be born, and for the time being I will save the work"

I decided.

So far I was a person who seemed to be all work, so what do I doI feel like I am no longer myself and I am honest and impatient ...So in myself it was a big decision.

I saw a new world

And in January 2017 I gave birth to the second daughter.

Childcare of the two children is harder than I imagined, but at last, I was able to afford to have new things in myself. As my husband said "Porsche, Porsche" little by little, I became more interested and in April of that year,I left my girls for the first time and went to see the Porsche Carrera Cup on the Okayama International Circuit.

So I wondered "There was such a world! There surely is still a world that I do not know about the world!", I was deeply moved by various meanings.

Then I started this blog in June and went to Fuji Speedway in October to see WEC and decided to operate this blog seriously in April this year.

Even now, I do not have plenty of time to spare, get up in the morning to make a box lunch, wash and dry(It is saved a lot for my husband to send eldest daughter)While I was interrupted by my second daughter, I wrote a blog in the morning and went to work, went to the daughter 's pick up at 14 o'clock, then went to the park, let the children play, shopping and going home, at 15:30.

When you do another job from there, it's time to make dinner in no time, but I do not feel well enough to make it anymore(I'm sorry, lol)I often buy prepared dishes.

Then put the children in the bath, change clothes, change clothes and change hair themselves, dry hair, after a while, my husband returns home, rice, sleeping on the bed, sleeping on myself, in the middle of the night "daughter Perhaps he wakes up every two hours at the request of the second daughter's "tits!"(I am already in a habit so I do not feel sleep deprivation)Also, we will have the next morning.

Afterwards, I went to the dentist, and since my second daughter started to heat up last week, I went to a hospital, I was a kindergarten event, and a parents' interview later in July ...

So, now too"I want to practice to drive Boxter MT"Although there is a feeling, there is no room to enter it(It will be told that my husband is seriously wanting to be able to make manual driving!)... Writing a blog and going to a drive is a feeling that I have made time by having feelings I want to do.

Thanks to my husband

So if I am working full time as an office worker, get up at 6 o'clock every morning, send the children to the nursery school, work, go home and tidy up the collected work at 19 o'clock ... , I do not have the energy to go for a ride at Porsche on the weekend, I think it is impossible.

Having said that, since her husband got married,

"If you want to be a full-time housewife, you can do it, if you want to work, do not worry about life and do whatever you want."

As I said, I can save my work and create time and I think that Porsche could have room to enter the life.

And become ...I am grateful to my husband who is making this environment. And through the Porsche, the number of conversations between the couple also increases, the opportunity to go out by themselves increases, and I feel that every day I feel that my life will be enriched, I hope to continue enjoying Porsche with my husband and a car .(That's it, it has ended off the content written as the beginning of the article somewhere (- _ -))

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  1. TAKA

    I always read fun.
    It was a blog I happened to find, but it was a lot of fun.
    I was still staring at my personal computer at a business hotel on a business trip, but I found this title to change my mind.
    For my wife who has no interest in cars, this title was very attractive.
    The eldest son in the upper grades of elementary school was able to brainwash, but his wife ... seems to be difficult. What is your eldest daughter in kindergarten? but. (I often play with my eldest son in mini cars, but do you really like ...)
    If you meet someone who decides to buy a new car in the 20th year, you have to think about how to convince them.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > I happened to find a blog, but it was very fun and I felt like I got something.
      Thank you for what a wonderful word! !
      I am very happy.

      > If you meet someone who decides to buy a new car in the 20th year, you have to think carefully about how to convince them.
      I wasn't interested in cars at all, and it's very difficult for a car to be in the top priority when I have childcare ...
      If you encounter a car that excites you, please give me a message. If we can do it, we will consult you (laughs)