A testimonial of a new type Panamera, a story that was hit by the feeling of defeat.

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Porsche Panamera

Importance of driving position

yesterday,"Why do not many people emphasize driving positions in Japan, as there is a correct form on golf and tennis, there is a correct form when driving, I think that it is better to know that."I wrote a blog with contents like this, I got such comments from readers of this blog.

I am stuck with the driving position very much ~
When sitting on the seat, first adjust according to the degree of bending of the knee.
Push the clutch pedal and make it slightly bend your knees.
When holding the top of the steering wheel, adjust so that the elbow is bent.
Besides that, although it is a semi - bucket seat now, I'd like to purchase a full bucket seat.

The pass will not be attacked unless the driving position is solid.
It is not good unless you feel the movement of the car with your back and waist ^ ^

It is amazing! Great! In order to run passage pleasantly, to travel safely,When getting into a car, adjust the driving position before putting on the engine.I definitely learned it at the school, though ...(I forgot because it is a memory of the distant past)I think that it would be nice to tell from such a basic class even during the license renewal class.

Delivery of new Panamera began

Now. Recently I came to see a new type of Panamera in the streets.The new Panamera, which actually runs in town,I feel cool as many times as I saw at a dealer.My husband seems to have witnessed quite a lot already, including in Osaka city and near my home, but probably the first Panamera in the orders who arrived in Japan arrived in Japan and the car delivered by each dealer is beginning to be delivered I guess.

I caught a glimpse of this blog before, but our couple also went to test drive the new Panamera 4S for the first time around March this year. Panamera 4S is now more than the Panamera edition at our homeWith a very light start, with a light start, with a very comfortable car sound engine sound that can be heard from the rear when acceleratingwas. Also about design"I made 911 as it is"In such a way, it was very sophisticated.

Next, test Panamera Turbo

And a few weeks later, I went to test drive the new Panamera Turbo."However, as I was just about to test the Panamera 4S last time, I do not have to test drive it ..."I also told my husband"Since there is an opportunity to test-drive it, let's go to experience the difference between 4S and turbo"Then it went to the Porsche center.

When you arrive at the Porsche Center, Mr. H, our sales representative,

"Since we are going to ride a Panamera turbo at a great price, I'd love to taste the acceleration power on a highway!"

I first made a move to my nearest IC by driving my husband. Passing through ETC, I was running on a highway within the legal speed for a while, but when Mr. H got a straight line with a good feeling"Now that the car has just gone away, please accelerate it!"Husband said, "I understand, then we will accelerate"

Sooner or later ...

At the next moment, I was forced to breathe in unexpectedly because I was forced to press on the seat. I think that it was probably only 2-3 seconds, but I was surprised and I could not say any words. Then the husband said a word,

Now, I just stepped on the accelerator for about 1 cm, but I got out 1 * 0 km at a stretch ...

I muttered."really!"Because the high-speed stability was extremely high, the sensational speed was not so fast, but only by hearing that speed I realized that it was a tremendous acceleration force. It is a car of 0-100km3.7 seconds.

The power of Panamera Turbo, I can not feel it.

Once I got off the freeway, I was supposed to drive next time, but before that I had a tremendous acceleration force(And my husband just stepped on the accelerator 1 cm), I was getting too nervous beyond necessity ... In desperate fashion, I ran into the dealer running a lot of streets with a lot of drizzling.

Scales of Panamera Turbo, I can not see a glimpse of it at all ... (- _ -)

What a waste. I had a panamera turbo tested with tremendous performance, and ..."I hope I can experience the difference with 4S ~"What morning I had a good conversation ... I felt the difference was not bodily sensation, I had no way of doing it, the test drive time had ended and I was end up hit by a sense of defeat that I could not say anyhow. And when I got a breath, I got a car in a slightly downfall and had a guide at the Porsche center's business meeting seat.

That ... ... My jaws are so heavy ... (-_-)

Yes, I kept driving the teeth unconsciously throughout the test drive. New Panamera Turbo ... Awesome. I should have gotten more care and went to test drive ... No, no, it was a terrible car with a terrible power, fast stability and a luxurious ride.

↓ ↓

After that, in a calm state, I wrote a little better test-ride review article.

Comparison of the new Panamera 4S and the new Panamera Turbo-Test drive comparison

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