Why is motor sports culture not rooted in Japan?

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Difference between golf and tennis and motor sports.

My husband said the other day,"With golf and tennis,Everyone takes care of the basic form,When driving the car,Why will not you be conscious of any driving position or form at all?It is the same thing .... "He said.

…Hmm? Same?

I feel that it is not, but I also feel like understanding. Certainly, there are many people studying the form of golf. How can I extend the distance? Where is the ball justified if it hits it? Since Lizap started teaching one to one man of golf, people who would like to improve golf skills surely have many people in Japan.

Also for tennis, the appearance of Nishikori-kun gave us more fires and I think that the number of indoor school also increased.Considering that, in Japan,Motor sports culture is still behind schedule.In Europe, motor sports is more familiar, there are many circuits that can make F1 and a big race, and there are many people going to see it.

In Japan,

"F1? Why do not you go see the otaku or the rich hobbyaku?"

I feel that the image is strong, in general it has not penetrated. While I think that Kobayashi Kamui and Nakajima Kazuki are famous among car lovers, there are still many people who do not know generally. Even on television sports programs, there are many topics of baseball, soccer, tennis and golf, but much of motor sports has not been taken up much.Kobayashi Kamui is f1 and major raceVictoryOnce you do it, motor sports may pervade more,

But it will not be as powerful as Nishikori-kun of tennis.

What is different between Europe and America and Japan?

"Why is Motor Sports not taking root in Japan?"I have discussed the story with my husband before(It is a couple who makes a conversation maniacs)Among our couples,

"Europe and America are carriage culture,Because Japan is a hiking leg culture. "Is not it? It came to the conclusion.

In Europe, horse-drawn carriage culture has taken root for a long time. From the era of Mesopotamian civilization and Indus civilization, the carriage seems to exist. There are many places open for topography, so it is easy for a horse carriage to pass. Among the aristocrats, there are many competing for the decoration and speed of the carriage, and it was a symbol of horse carriage = wealth. And a car was born on the extension of the carriage culture.

On the other hand, Japan has a lot of mountains and narrow streets, not a terrain that carriage passes. Also, the Edo Shogunate said that he had banned cars except for some areas, and even in the case of the commuter exchange, the Daimyo was moving by the shoguns that people carried.(It would have been hard for people on the hill.

It was a story from the Meiji Period when cars spread rapidly in Japan. In Europe, the history of the horse-drawn carriage was long, so the car did not just be a means of transportation but developed into motor sports,Because there is not such culture in Japan,Recognition that car = moving means is still strong.

There are many people who are not conscious of the driving position of the car which is just a means of traveling. In Japan, if motor sports culture permeates, as a husband says, it may be that more people are aware of driving positions.

Nonetheless, in such a few years it is impossible, for decades it may take more. Even if we say a word to a car, it is these days that I feel that it is somewhat deep inside.


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  1. panamera-life

    Oh! Mr. Sotoba Robaya!
    > The pass can not be attacked unless the driving position is solid.
    Exactly! My husband also said exactly the same thing (laugh)!
    From any condition of knee flexion ... Anything will be studied! As for those who stick to the driving position, there are a lot of people filled with cars after all cars are cherished ^ ^!

  2. panamera-life

    Oh! ! It is amazing! To that extent ... it is exactly a buddy!
    If you love it so far, it is absolutely transmitted to the car, I think that it will run well even at pass and mountain road.
    > By doing so, I am balancing my mind.
    It is wonderful (haha)