A navigation system that can use Apple CarPlay even though it is 1DIN size. You can use the latest navigation even with the old Porsche!

1DIN Apple CarPlay Navigation
Air-cooled Porsche

My husband wrote an article like this today. Please take a look if you like.

Even though it is 1DIN size, it is equipped with Apple CarPlay

Porsche genuine PCCM released last yearI finally got (Porsche Classic Communication Management systems), so I would like to review it this time.

This PCCM is a product that has not been released in Japan.Immediately after it was announced, I was asked to confirm it via a dealer, but it was said that there was no plan to introduce it in Japan, so I decided to import it independently.

However, maybe it's popular, it wasn't available last year because it was out of stock.The stock has finally come out this yearSo I imported a friend's share and two cars from the United States.


In addition, I am AmericanSuncoastPartsIt was imported from Japan, but the price is $1,190 (Navi mapless version), which is affected by shipping costs, tariffs, and exchange rates, so it will be about 150,000 yen. For some reason, the box is in a pop package.

I had it installed at Ashiya Drive Shop immediately. Basically, it seems to be attached with a genuine coupler, but my car had a DEH-970 attached to the pioneer, so I rewired it to the dedicated coupler that came with the PCCM and attached it.

In addition to the main unit, it is necessary to install a USB or AUX connection unit, a GPS antenna, and a microphone. Among them, regarding the GPS antenna, the navigation function included in the main body cannot be used in Japan (the SD card of Japanese map data does not exist), so there is no point in attaching it, but for the time being, install it considering the future. I just got it.


USB unit. It can be firmly attached to the carpet with only the attached magic tape.

PCCM GPS antenna

GPS antenna

PCCM microphone

Call microphone

PCCM wiring diagram

The wiring diagram on the back is shown for reference. Perhaps it can be used other than Porsche as long as it has a size? At your own risk.

Main functions of PCCM

When you actually install it and turn on the power of the actual machine, the Porsche logo will appear, and after a while the menu screen will appear.
Plastic material, texture, dial design, etc.It is perfect for my 964 type 911.


The screen is quite high resolution and beautifulI'm the one. Even though it is so small, it has a touch panel.Operability is also usually good.
The main functions are radio (AM / FM), Bluetooth, SD card playback, navigation (not available in Japan), telephone, and Apple CarPlay.

PCCM menu

As for radio, there are many channels that cannot be heard because it is different from the frequency band in Japan. Moreover, AM is in units of 10kHz, so it can be said that you can hardly hear it.

However, since FM covers most of the frequency bands of Japan's "Wide FM", you can listen to AM radio with FM waves, so it does not matter much.

For example, in Kansai, ABC radio is 1008khz in AM, so I can't listen to it, but I can listen to it at 93.3MHz in the wide FM version, so it's not really a problem.Rather, it is an FM wave, so the sound quality is very good.

Playing music over a Bluetooth connection or making a phone call is perfectly fine.On the other hand, Japanese fonts are not installed in this navigation system, soGarbled song titles and phonebook namesTo do. But this tooIf you use it with Apple CarPlay, it will be displayed in Japanese without any problem.So it doesn't matter.

The default navigation system installed in this device is used by inserting an SD card for maps, which is sold separately, but I have not purchased that SD card because it cannot be used in Japan. Therefore, even if you press the menu of Navi or Map, nothing works.

However, this is also fine because it has Apple CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay with air-cooled Porsche

I won't go into details about Apple CarPlay features here,For apps on iPhone that support Apple CarPlay, operate on the screen on CarPlayit can.

You can use Apple apps such as phone apps, message apps, maps, podcasts, calendars, and audio books, as well as apps such as Amazon Music, Google Map, Yahoo Car Navi, and Radikker for my iPhone.

Of course, Japanese is displayed perfectly in Apple CarPlay, and voice guidance in Japanese is also correct in navigation apps, so this area isNo worries because it is exactly the same as Apple CarPlay of domestic navigationIt is.

There is no problem with various instructions by Japanese voice saying "Hey, Siri!".

After installing the PCCM, I had my friend 964 rider see it,The first thing I said was "The sound quality is very good!"It was that.My 964 is equipped with genuine Porsche revival genuine speakersHowever, when this PCCM was installed, the sound quality was certainly improved so that it could be mistaken.

It's not a high-class sound like BOSE, Harman Kardon, or Blumester, but it has become a very thick sound, and the midrange can be heard very firmly.

The original pioneer DEH-970 shouldn't be that bad, but I think the sound quality and sound pressure have definitely improved no matter who hears it.

Impressions of actually driving

I usually wear glasses, and I have no presbyopia so far, and my corrected eyesight is about 1.0. This PCCM is 1DIN size, so the screen is quite small.Therefore, the fine characters cannot be seen at once.

However, I don't really have to look at it so much while driving, so I don't really feel that inconvenience.You can see the arrows for turning left and right in the navigation system, and there is voice guidance, so there is no particular problem.The only things that are hard to see are the display of detailed intersection names and song titles.

Rather, with the latest navigation and audio,Air-cooled Porsche became a modern car at oncehave a feeling that. I especially use this 964 for city riding and outings, so the inside of the car became comfortable at once. Until now, I used to put my iPhone in a smartphone holder to operate navigation and music, but now I have an infotainment system that is close to the latest 911, the 992 type.

This PCCM is recommended for those who like the latest style of the contents even though it is a classic car.It is. There is also a 2DIN version for 996 and 986 instead of air-cooled Porsche, which is released under the name PCCM Plus, so if you are interested, please try it.

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  1. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's Maid~ (^.^)

    Ah, that model!
    Thank you for your valuable report.

    It's really 1DIN size, so it's a problem (^-^;

    I want to use it, but it was Android, (> ω <.)

  2. Injury

    I wanted this!

    I'm always asking my local Porsen to "put it out for Japan!" ...

    Did you import it individually?
    Please tell me a little more about it ~ m (_ _) m

    • MinaMina

      ぢ ぢ あ あ
      It seems that Porsche Japan in Japan does not handle it ...!
      My husband bought it from an American shop called Sun Coast!
      If it's in stock, you can usually click online to buy it!