Is the car "unnecessary" or "necessary" in life? -The view of a wife with a Porsche riding husband

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring
Living with Porsche

Cars are unnecessary in life

Until I met my husband, "Cars are unnecessary to liveI thought. So I was convinced that I would never own a car in my life.

I grew up in the country, so my family lived in a car,I've been a paper driver since I got my driver's license when I was in the first year of college, and I travel by public transportation such as bicycles, buses, and trains.Was.

Since I started living alone, I have lived in a condominium near a train station in the city.If you go to the station, the train will come every few minutes and you can go anywhere on timeI was accustomed to living with convenient transportation, so I never thought I wanted a car.

So at that time, I couldn't understand the people who own the car,Why do you do such a wasteful thing when it costs a lot of money? If you ride occasionally, a rental car is enoughI thought that.

However, I met my husband about 10 years ago and got married, and now I have 6 cars in my house.

Porsche 911 GT3 and Porsche Boxster

Now, I don't feel any discomfort with my husband's words and actions, such as "I'm going to Kagoshima for a while", "I'm going on a business trip to Tokyo by car", and "I've run 2000km but I'm still not running enough". "Every car is attractive and you can't let goEvery time my husband says, "I don't know ... Everything is a car.I have come to reply such as w

Of course, now that I have three children and my home is in the suburbs, the situation has changed a lot from when I was single.Human thoughts can change 180 degrees.I am surprised myself.

Well, until then, "I was brainwashed by my husband" ... (-_-)

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

However, in the last few years, "Values for cars have changed"I'm sure."

Previously IThe car is just a means of transportationI thought it was useless to spend money on it. But as I met my husband and experienced a life with a car, gradually, "Cars enrich your lifeCame to think.

Also,"My husband owns the car because he values the excitement and experience that comes through the car, rather than the car itself.I knew that.

I would like to sort out a little about this area today.

What is brought through the car

Travel time changes to "fun time"

Driving a sports car like Porsche makes you feel purely fun and happy. Previously"Driving a car for a long time gets tiredI had the image, but when I got on the Porsche,

"Ah, I'm going to stay home ... I want to ride more ..."

I feel like that.

Before,I drove about 1000km round trip from my home to Fuji Speedway by myself with PanameraAt timesI ran 800km round trip to Hokuriku with MT BoxsterSometimes, as my home gets closer

"Ah, I wonder if this fun time is over ... I feel lonely."

I felt like that.

Porsche Boxster GTS

You will be surprised and impressed by various parts such as handling, acceleration, lane change, braking, high speed stability, engine noise, etc. just by driving.Even when driving a long distance, it is not a feeling of "moving", but a feeling of exhilaration like playing sportsYou can taste.

Husband often

If you are tired of long-distance driving, you may not have the experience of driving a good car on a good road. If you have that kind of experience even once, you'll change your mindset.

That said, I think that's really the case.

Make memories with your family

To be honest, it is difficult to make family memories with a two-seater car, but when I had Panamera in my house, I went on a lot of drive trips with the car.

Kyushu on a ferryOr go toMt. Fuji and Fuji SpeedwayOr go toI went to the circuit to see the raceOr go to a hot spring for a medium-distance drive ...

Children in the back seat"I'm hungry" "Toilet"It was hard for me to take a break at SA all the time, but now I have good memories.

Especially now that it's hard to come and go freely in Corona,At that time, I'm glad I went even if I was a little overwhelmed"I think.

Porsche 911 cup car

When I asked the children about that time, they said, "It was fun and I want to go again!I still say, so I think they are engraved as good memories among them.

Of course, you can make a lot of family memories by traveling by train or plane instead of by car.

But in the case of my homeMy husband is a person who loves driving a car anyway, so moving a car is a major premiseAlso, both couples want to move freely at their favorite time without worrying about the departure time of the train, so I'm glad that the whole family enjoyed making lots of memories through the car.

The circle of people spread in the car

My husband bought a Porsche and went to the Ashi Driveway a lot, butFrom there, the circle of people expanded greatly.As I get older, I think that the number of encounters other than work will decrease, but I think it's nice to be able to share time with respectable people who have the same values through my hobbies.

I also had a lot of encounters through Twitter. There are many people who haven't actually met yet, but I think it's very interesting because various connections have been made across generations.

"Life depends on who you meetI often say, "Meeting wonderful people through the car and expanding the world will enrich your life, while"We still have more! Let's do our best!I think I have received many opportunities to inspire.

Ashi Drive way

Motivation for work

My husbandKeep the cars in my house now and buy the ones you wantThat is a big motivation for my work.(However, it seems that there are not many cars I want these days, so it seems that the current number will be reduced)

And I tooBuy your own Porsche with your own moneyWe are moving forward with that goal. Basically I have little desire and my husband

"Why do you have such a dirty thing? Why don't you buy it?"

It is often said that clothes, bags, shoes, etc. are often used until they are torn or worn out.(Shabby ...).

That's me, but I want my Porsche.

Porsche Panamera Turbo

"Now that you can ride a Porsche, why do you still want it?However, I think that the joy, excitement, and feeling of riding a Porsche that my husband bought is completely different from that of riding a Porsche that I got with my own money. , I definitely want to get it by myself in the future.

Well, it will take some time, but ... (-_-)

For many years I thought that a car was unnecessary, but the goal is to buy a Porsche, life is really interesting, and I think that Porsche is a car with tremendous power, these days.

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  1. yone0531

    Hello mina.

    I feel that my husband's "If you are tired of long-distance driving, a good car and a good road" can be understood. I used to like driving, but as my kids grew older, I switched from a minivan to the 3 Series, and again, the quality of stopping, turning, and running changed dramatically, and I became more fond of driving. Personally (although not as good as Porsche), it's a blissful time to drive while listening to your favorite music in your favorite car.
    It is wonderful that mina buys Porsche by herself. Porsche people nowadays may be attached to it, but I'm sure the Porsche you buy yourself
    It's a double attachment.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.

      > I feel that my husband's "If you are tired of long-distance driving, a good car is a good road" is easy to understand.
      I think that was exactly the case.
      BMW is a pleasure to run through! I also want to ride a BMW ...!
      And I will do my best so that I can buy my Porsche.
      Continue to thank you!

  2. polben

    Nice to meet you!

    I've been reading the blog for a long time!
    I will comment for the first time this time!

    When I was a student, I was looking at blogs and was interested in Porsche and was trying hard to save money, but on the way, I had the value that I would not own it because the car is just a means of transportation.
    However, as I was looking at the blog post, I still wanted my Porsche, and the other day I was finally able to sign a 981 Boxster!

    Through the blog, you can ride the Porsche that changed your values and was a dream.
    Thank you!

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting our blog.
      And thank you for your first comment!

      > However, as I was looking at the blog post, I still wanted my Porsche, and the other day I finally got a contract for 981 Boxster!
      Oh, that's right! Congratulations! !! !!
      Moreover, 981! !! !! As the seasons get better from now on, it seems that there will be many perfect Boxster sunny days ^ ^

      We are very happy to be able to help polben as much as possible.
      Thank you for your continued support!