Test drive the Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2) PDK | Differences from the MT model and the presence or absence of PCCB

911 GT 3

My husband wrote a report about the test drive of the 911GT3PDK (late 991 model). Please take a look if you like.

Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2) PDK

Since I bought Porsche, the friendships of my car friends have increased significantly. Originally, I am not good at group behavior, and my friends are the type who interacts with only a small part, but it is strange because the friendship through Porsche has become quite wide.

Just because they have a common hobby, the story gets excited and the distance gets closer at once.

One of them has the same GT3 owner.His GT3 fluttered in the latter half of the same 991, the club sports package GT3It is. It is a PDK specification and the brake is a normal cast iron brake, and since it is a club sports package, it has a big feature that it has a roll cage at the rear.

This time, I had the opportunity to drive the GT3, so I would like to report mainly on the differences from my touring package.

911 GT3 wing

GT3 MT (manual) and PDK

As I've said many times, I think Porsche's GT3 PDK is the best sports transmission in the world. I have experienced the transmission of various luxury sports cars and supercars as it is,I still don't know a transmission that is better than Porsche's PDK.

The shift response is overwhelmingly fast, there is little shock, and the sound and feeling when connecting are the best.

The PDK specification of GT3 was also experienced in GT3 in the first half of 991, but this PDK is still amazing.It's an extremely fast shift response.Since there is no creep at the time of starting, it is necessary to push the accelerator a little, but once it starts moving in D mode, it is no different from a normal AT.

I try to run the course that Ashi always runs with my GT3 touring package, but AT is still easy.And it's a lot of fun to be able to concentrate all my nerves on handling.Since the 992 and 964 I own are also AT models, I thought I knew the goodness of AT, but when I compared it with the GT3 of the same type, I could feel a new feeling different from that.

If you run a car with the same engine and suspension on the same course,The difference between PDK and MT is noticeable.With MT, you operate the clutch and shift while operating the steering wheel, and run while breathing in with the car. This is a lot of fun with this, but with PDK, humans can concentrate on handling.

The rest will be done better by the car.

Then, I can see the movement of the undercarriage that I could not understand with my GT3 of MT. Since MT always shifts, there is always time to drive with one hand, but with PDK, you drive by firmly holding the steering wheel with both hands.

This difference is actually very bigIn the case of PDK, the amount of information such as information from the road surface, feeling of suspension and tires, correlation between tire orientation and vehicle body orientation feels very large.It is.

Around the cockpit of 911 GT3

Therefore, you can enjoy the transcendent handling characteristics of GT3. I knew the steering feel was good, but it felt even better than driving my own car. Moreover,100% Two-handed operation allows for more careful steering and precise control of the vehicle body.It is.

I thought this was a big advantage of PDK.

Difference between PCCB and ordinary brake

Next, I would like to report on the difference in brakes. First of allPCCB is clearly better in terms of effectiveness.The normal brake of GT3 works horribly, but the feature of PCCB is that it works with a little more pedaling force, as if you grab it with a pad with a higher coefficient of friction.

Another feature of PCCB is its lightness. PCCB is said to be more than 50% lighter than cast iron discs than ordinary brakes. One theory is that the lightness of the suspension, that is, the unsprung weight of 1 kg, is equivalent to 10 kg to 15 kg above the spring, and it is said that it has a great effect on exercise performance and riding comfort.

GT3 normal brake

What I felt while riding the GT3 with ordinary brakes this timeI don't think it's uncomfortable to ride. But there is certainly a difference.Especially when it exceeds a large step at low speed, even PCCB has a short stroke, so it moves up and down.

However, the feeling of absorbing the vertical movement is settled in one shot,The difference is that ordinary brakes have a slight bounce that remains for about one beat.I think that. But,The difference becomes very small as the speed increasesHowever, when I'm running at a good pace, I don't feel any difference in ride quality.

Next is the ride quality. It ’s very difficult to express this,Because PCCB is light, it feels light and dry.For example, it feels like you are wearing tires with high air pressure. You can enjoy a light feeling in both acceleration and cornering.

Interior of 911 GT3

On the other hand, when it comes to ordinary brakes,For the expression of a moist and wet ride compared to PCCBIt will be. In a sense, it feels like a high-class rolling feeling, or the feeling that the tires are moistly pressed against the road surface due to the low air pressure.

This is not good or bad. I think it's a matter of taste. Personally, for a super sports car like GT3, I like a light ride, but if this is Carrera, I think that I prefer a normal brake ride.

Touring package and club sports package

First of all,The difference between the presence and absence of feathers is completely unknown on ordinary roads.Probably, if you really want to understand this difference, you have to compare it in a fairly high speed range, such as Suzuka's 130R.

GT3 club sports package

On the other hand, the difference between the presence and absence of roll cages was immediately apparent.When I start running with the engine, I feel that the body with a roll cage feels better.

Actually, when I started the test drive this time, I forgot that there was a roll cage and was driving, but on the way I thought that the body was solid and hard, so I rolled for the first time when I saw the rearview mirror I noticed the existence of the cage.

Since it is a GT3 with a strong body from the beginning, there is no big difference with and without a roll cage, butYou can feel the difference in the hardness of the body.I think.

The above are the impressions about the difference between PDK and MT, PCCB and ordinary brake, touring package and club sports package.

When it comes to a car model like GT3, there is no test drive, let alone a comparison of the presence or absence of options. With that in mind, I hope this article will be of some help to anyone considering purchasing a GT3 in the future.

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  1. koro

    I am always happy to read it.
    It will be a few comments.
    When I was a junior high school student, I decided that I would definitely ride a Porsche someday, and it took me more than 30 years, but I was able to ride 991.2 Carrera S → 718 Boxster GTS 4.0, but I always sympathize while reading the blog. Many people felt that Porsche was a car with a charm that changed the outlook on life.
    GT3 was also a dream car that I wanted to ride someday, but I touched on the text of many GT3s on your blog and decided to take the plunge.
    I don't know the delivery date at all, but I was able to order because of the connection, so I was looking forward to the 992 GT3.
    I am looking forward to a useful blog that I can sympathize with.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      Did you order GT3? !! !!
      it's great…!
      I'm wondering if it's definitely a car with outstanding performance and excitement ...!
      I would be grateful if you could tell me if you understand various things ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!

  2. Nak

    Hello Mina,

    About PDK, it is the same building.
    That said, I've only compared BMW, VW, AUDI, Alpine Renault, Nissan, etc ...
    Personally, I feel that Porsche control is the best for auto blipping.

    And regarding the data capacity of PCM, because the painting of M3 has been done recently and it is being painted.
    When I was riding only GT4, it seems that the data capacity was exceeded in about a month, and the video playback stopped halfway.
    If you reload it, it will play again, and you can use Google search etc. normally.
    It seems that the communication capacity confirmation screen is not in the menu probably because Cayman's PCM is one generation old.
    After all, I checked with the dealer, but in my case it was still 10GB.
    Probably for some reason, I think that it was left running for about 30 hours / month, but if this is 10 GB
    If your child is watching videos all the time, 3GB will be used up quickly.

    • MinaMina

      Hello, Thank always Thank you!

      > Personally, I feel that Porsche control is the best for auto blipping.
      That's right! It made me happy that Porsche was amazing because I felt that way while riding various imported cars and domestic cars ^ ^;

      Thank you for checking the amount of PCM data again!
      My house seems to be 3 gigs so far, and as the children watch the video, it runs out quickly.
      I feel that the tethering function of my smartphone is indispensable these days ^^;