An unforgettable car in her husband's car journey – reunited with Honda Legend Coupe (KA8)

Honda Legend Coupe (KA8)
Test drive report for each car

An unforgettable car

He is a car lover who admits himself and others, but says he has a car that he can never forget even in his car. that isHonda Legend Coupe (KA8)It is.

Whenever my husband says,I ran this road as a legend"And"I want to ride the Legend Coupe"I still mutter it. He happened to get acquainted with the owner of the legendary coupe who he liked so much on Instagram.

This time, my husband reported on the Legend Coupe (KA8).

Honda Legend Coupe (KA8)

There are cars that cannot be removed when talking about your own car journey.Honda Legend Coupe (KA8)It is. But it is not the first car.The first car is a legendary two-door hardtop (KA3) from his fatherSo, it is the predecessor of the KA8.

At that time, I clearly remember the day I drove for the first time. Remember the way. Hyogo Prefecture is K724 in Tatsutsu City.

Honda Legend 2 Door Hard Top (KA3)

The first beloved car from my father. Legend 2-door hardtop exclusive (KA3)

Until then, I had only been riding my mother's minicar, Honda Today, but for the first time I was driven by my father's legend and was shocked. I was impressed with the car's solid feeling and the ability to trace the curve without displacement, and the excellent high-speed stability at that time.

"Is a car so different depending on the model?At this time, I felt like I knew it for the first time.

Soon after, the legendary two-door hardtop (KA3) was overwhelmed, requiring an overhaul of the engine, and unfortunately was scrapped.

After that, I was obsessed with the charm of the legend, I borrowed money from my parents, while being a student,After that, I got a grade called Alpha Touring of Legend Coupe (KA8) which is a successor model for 1.68 million yenIt is.

Honda Legend Coupe (KA8)

Legend coupe of my favorite car I was riding at that time

From the time I was riding the KA3, I was fascinated by the design of the successor legend coupe (KA8) that I saw in the city, and fell in love with the rear design, which was different from the sedan, and the fearless front design, and wanted to ride someday.

Honda Legend Coupe (KA8)

Legend coupe of my favorite car I was riding at that time

Sure,I think it was around 60,000 km at the time of purchase, but after that I will spend about 100,000 km togetherIt is.

The impression of those days was the luxuriousness of only two doors despite the large body, the sense of simplicity in the waste, the outstanding high-speed stability among domestic products, and the comfortable ride anyway One sporty, I was completely addicted to the engine that blew up comfortably.

Honda Legend Coupe (KA8)

Legend coupe of my favorite car I was riding at that time

Already,I traveled all over Japan with this legend coupe.I had a car on weekends, summer vacation, winter vacation, and all I had was free time.(Well, it's the same as now)

While staying in a car in Shikoku, try to go around for about 16 hours, or meaninglessly `` conquer Route 8 '', try running only on Route 8, Kanto, Shinshu, Kyushu, Hokuriku, Regardless of the season, even if it snowed, the chain was piled up, even driving on snow in heavy snow

Now my drive addiction started with a journey with this legend coupeI can say that.

Honda Legend Coupe (KA8)

At that time, I was skiing in the legend and dare to drive in heavy snow areas.

On the way, he continued to ride while repairing various troubles such as broken auxiliary equipment and cooling water in the engine, but ultimately gave up to a friend and got off the legend around 2003 Became.

Actually at that time(Until around 2003),IOperated the Legend Coupe fan siteSometimes. "The Coupe of LEGEND", And gathered a lot of information about the Legend Coupe, mainly on bulletin boards between owners.

the coupe of legend

Capture of the site as of 2001.
Design w full of handmade feeling that can not be thought of now

There was a lot of access from Japan as well as from abroad, and it was crowded as such, so maybe even some readers of this blog may remember.

Next page → Reunion with Legend Coupe, and how did you drive? ?

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  1. Kazugane Hills

    It is good. There are cars that I can't forget.
    Older cars have less requirements for safety performance than now
    Low dashboard (make it high now because the driver does not jump out)
    Thin A pillar (thick now due to cabin strength)
    Small door mirror (Well, that's what it is)
    The view from the driver's seat is wide and scary, and the hydraulic power steering is linear and natural compared to EPS.
    In an internal combustion engine that does not perform lean combustion, the engine itself makes a good sound,
    It was easy to grasp the engine speed intuitively, and coupled with the sharp transmission, I could see the vehicle speed without looking at the meter.
    I'm looking for it, but there isn't much.
    I'll try to find it on Instagram

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      Old cars have a taste.
      The number of cars in good condition at that time will gradually decrease, and when my husband found the Legend Coupe on Instagram,
      "No way! There are still people running!"

  2. Funny

    We always have fun look.
    Legend Coupe, When I was in high school, my teacher was riding and I thought it was cool.
    I also got a Honda Bigger late version from my parents in college. Although there was no torque with the high-speed in-line five-cylinder engine, the sound was pleasant, and I was wasting around Mt. Aso late at night (laughs). Honda's design at that time was really cool. I read the book again, thinking that if I get on the bigger again, various memories will come back.

    • MinaMina

      Legend Coupe, I didn't know at all because I didn't like cars for a long time,
      But it seemed to be a famous car.
      My husband often says, "Honda was good at the time."

      Even so, it seems to be insanely comfortable with Mt. Aso at midnight! ! !

  3. legend

    After a long time searching with the Legend Coupe, I arrived here. I was a little happy because the poster's passion and the HP I was watching at that time were listed, so I will leave a comment.
    I was riding a Legend Coupe, but I regret having let it go. I was still young, so I moved to a new car, but I still think the style is No. 1!
    If my wish comes true, I want to get the Legend Coupe again.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for searching by Legend and arriving here!

      No way, the one who was looking at the HP of the day
      My husband was very happy to see this blog.

      And he said, "I still want a legendary coupe! It's a really famous car! I wonder if there is a legendary coupe that is close to a new car somewhere ...".
      If I have the opportunity, I would like to ride it once.
      Continue to thank you.

  4. super wheat

    Anyway, it was a wonderful article and report.
    The Legend Coupe has almost no parts.
    It took me half a year to find the inner handle.
    But it's cute, isn't it? I can't stop this car

    • MinaMina

      super wheat
      Thank you!
      > The Legend Coupe has almost no parts.
      > It took me half a year to find the inner handle.
      That's right ...! My husband still wants to ride, but it's hard to find parts ...
      I also want to ride someday ...!