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The other day, I am relieved to ride Panamera, I wrote an article saying I like Panamera,

If you want your wife to love cars, Porsche Panamera – my car life started here.

At the same time, my husband who got on Panamera after a long time has said such a thing.

Panamera, it's really good. It's supple and smoother, which is completely different from just after delivery. After all, if you drive a certain distance, both the suspension and the engine will become more supple and you will be familiar. I tried riding after a long time today,I've always thought about cars, but I've done cars like this ..."I thought so deeply.


Seyaro!(Who is it?)

Immediately after delivery, Panamera had a smoother ride but more firm underbody. "It's a sports car rather than a luxury sedanWas stronger. "

However, recently, the elements of a sports car have been added to the smoothness and suppleness, and I think that it has become a delicious car that can enjoy driving in various scenes more than before.

My husband also said this.

In the old days, I thought, "I don't need the power of a turbo. There is no way to use that power on ordinary Japanese roads. But now I can always do tremendous acceleration,I realized that it wasn't bad to run with this extraordinary power.


That's true. Of course, even Panamera has never said that acceleration is unsatisfactory, and it should be more than enough. However, while hiding the power of explosive acceleration like a rocket, the gentleman's running that usually does not show its scales has come to think that I do not need to taste anything.

The more you ride, the more Porsche

After riding the PorscheThe more you ride, the more it changes and the more it tastes"I am surprised. I used to think that cars were just industrial products, just lumps of iron, but that's not the case.

It changes like a living thing.

Every time my husband goes to work at Porsche and goes home,Ehwa ~ really ehwa ~"I'm impressed that there is also a reason that the car changes with each ride and becomes more and more delicious.

And in the case of my home, I run a considerable distance a year, not only in the city, but also on long distances on highways, on circuits, at Porsche driving schools, etc.Cars are changing more interesting because they are driving in various waysMaybe.

I think that the amount of information that can be obtained in one test ride is very small. There are a lot of things that you notice when you ride every day.

Nevertheless, there is a limit to the number of cars that can be owned, so more cars will be completed after a test ride.

I also hear that the character of the car changes depending on how the owner runs. Depending on whether the owner runs at high rpm or low rpm, even the same car will probably have a slightly different engine when bought.

The car that got on the road and got used to it,Become one of my best buddies, not two in the worldI wonder.

I like something like Tamagotchi(Old w)

Recently Panamera is too goodWhy don't I have to buy a new one?"The story began to be married. However, the situation will change in various ways, so I think that I will switch to a different car in some way ... I want to see how Panamera will become more and more delicious in the remaining period Today These days.

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