Bentley New Continental GT purchase consideration-First I tried a test drive

Test drive report for each car

Come to Bentley

The other day, I went for a test drive of Bentley's Continental GT. Next year, I'm thinking about switching to Panamera,What's good for the next car?, And my husband said,I'm interested in Continental GTSo, I decided to go test drive with my couple.

In fact, a while ago, I had the opportunity to drive Bentley Benteiga a bit.Ventiga has a ride that makes Cayenne even more moistI was so surprised that "What does the Continental GT really look likeI was very interested.

The morning of the day. It had been raining quite a while since the day before, but it was raining when we arrived at the dealer. Was good…!

The interior of Bentley is completely different from Porsche. It was as clean and clean as a luxury watch store.

Salespeople also differ from the image of a car salesman, as if ``Luxury hotel conciergeIt looks like. As expected, Bentley ...!

While preparing for the test ride, I talked with a little business person.

The Continental GT has W12 (12 cylinder) and V8 models, but the delivery of the V8 seems to be next year. By the way, the W12 model is designed so that if you look closely, the word "12" will appear below the side.

V8 has the V8 logo.

Also, the shape of the muffler is different between W12 and V8. The W12 is an oval muffler, and the V8 has four mufflers.

"Somehow, there is an image of a muffler out of four W12"Oval type muffler is a Bentley tradition, so this muffler is attached to W12.

Bentley is now part of the Volkswagen Group and shares various components with the group. It is said that safety equipment is considerably more substantial than the previous model.

The platform adopts the same "MSB" for large rear wheel drive vehicles as Panameraso. From the back, I feel like Panamera.

The trunk is a coupe so it's a bit narrow(358L, Panamera 500L)"A customer who says that his golf bag can not be put in the trunk of the Mercedes-Benz S Coupe has entered the Continental GTSo, there seems to be a case that I bought a Continental GT.

Continental GT, test drive

So it's time for a test ride that we can wait for. The test ride is "Continental GT W12".

By the way, the specifications of the outline are as follows.

・ 6.0 liter twin turbo charged W12 TSI,
・ Maximum output 635PS
・ Maximum torque 900Nm
・ 8-speed dual clutch transmission
・ 3 chamber air suspension, CDC,
・ 0-100km / h 3.7 seconds
・ Maximum speed 333km / h,
・ Overall length: 4,880mm, Overall width 1,965mm, Overall height 1,405mm, Total weight 2,260kg
・ Optional 22 inch wheels

The door seems to be very heavy in the predecessor, so when opening the door with the image of the predecessor, "This model is very light and unsatisfactory"But for me who didn't know the predecessor, I felt it was a solid door with good weight.

When you open the door, your feet have a special design for this year that is related to the 100th anniversary.

On this day, I was driven by my husband and I decided to experience the driving in the passenger seat.

When you start running, it's a very smooth ride, just like Bentley and Bentiga. Even when going over a step, there is almost no shock of "Gattan", and it runs smoothly and smoothly.

However"Is Bentley's luxury coupe quite soft and fluffy?I felt that it was a firm and firm undercarriage.

I guess it's the most sporty model in Bentley.

The texture of the seats and interior is truly. It has a sense of luxury and is beautiful anyway.Traditional, deep, mature and sophisticated interior. It's so beautiful that I want to see it all the time, and in fact, I often saw it (laughs)

Being able to drive in this wonderful space is also a great attraction of the Continental GT.

The ride comfort of the passenger seat is very smooth and comfortable,The seat was tighter than expected.I imagined a wide and fluffy seat like the Mercedes-Benz S Coupe, but the inside of the car seems to be tighter than the S Coupe.

Although it is a luxury, it is a seat that feels sporty, so for me who often rides sports models, I felt comfortable and rather comfortable.

After riding for a while,Continental GT is very similar to Panamera"I was impressed. Of course, Panamera must be a sports car,

If you're switching from Panamera, you'll want a luxurious model that is so far incomparable. If it is similar, "Oh, Panamera was really good ...", because Panamera is likely to miss.

I said, "So what about Continental GT?"I thought it was sportier than I imagined, so every time I got on it, I was likely to compare it with Panamera.(Because there are many things shared with Panamera, it is natural that they will be similar)

The Continental GT is, of course, an incredible car, so if I didn't know the luxury sports car Panamera, I would have fallen in love for a moment.

Now that I know Panamera,It is quite similar to Panamera, Panamera runs more crisp and fun, the back seat is also wider Panamera, after all Panamera is better.... "

I'm really sorry for Panamera's breath ... (-_-)

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  1. Granca

    Does Konchi have a hole in the gas tank? ! As fuel decreases as I felt, I frequently gave up on gasoline. . .

    Since Bentley's brand is up a notch, there is a sense of superiority \ (^^) /
    It's hard to move V12. . It was a good car to think again ♪

    • MinaMina


      That's right ... fuel consumption is bad ...!
      The texture is by far the best car I've ever been in, and it's Bentley! I thought,
      V12 sounds pretty hard ^^;

  2. How to support life


    Long time no see. The year is finally coming,
    Have a good year?

    Conch GT, I'm curious, wanting to buy, wanting to buy, and enduring desperately.
    But I am relieved to read this review.

    The biggest point is "I forgive more rolls than I thought".
    What I decided on Panamera almost does not roll,
    That was the reason.
    The "Panamera is more aggressive" and the total is clearly expressed.
    After all it is impression.

    If that kind of feeling, for the magic body control of AMGS63
    There were times when I was quite impressed. But anyway, a golf bag
    This was already disqualified when I did not enter sideways.
    I was interested in Bentley in the first place.
    Then the more thoroughly flying spar demands
    I wonder if it will be thorough.

    Well, 12 cylinders are pretty bad for me.

    Thanks to you, you won't have to worry about your heart and back hair in the future.

    Thank you for a fun blog this year.
    I feel like having a year-end party while talking about Panamera.

    I look forward to next year.
    Have a good year.

    • MinaMina

      How to support life

      Thank you for one year again this year.
      It's so early that 2019 is about to end ...

      Continental GT, you were interested!
      My husband also said, "I felt an extra roll because Panamera got used to it from the roll."
      The Continental GT is also great, but it was also a test drive to discover the charm of Panamera again.

      This year was a year of running, but next year I would like to be able to run well!
      Continue to thank you.

      > I feel like I'm going to have a year-end party while talking about Panamera.
      It seems we can talk all night (laughs)

      Have a Merry Christmas & a good year.

  3. Passing rice balls

    Hello, nice to meet you
    I always enjoy reading with the familiar Porsche review (laugh)

    I also owned the predecessor Continental GT and the current Panamera Turbo, but I still felt the weight compared to Panamera ... (^ ^;
    It feels good on expressways ... (laughs)
    However, the classical feeling of luxury was wonderful.

    Right now I own a Rolls Wraith, but since I feel more luxurious than Continental, I would recommend here if you want to avoid conflict with Panamera.
    It's still heavy and big, but ... (^^;

    By the way, it is Panamera that I am riding the most because it is a wonderful car that combines practicality and running (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      Onigiri-san passing by
      Nice to meet you, always look at the blog Thank you.

      > I also owned the predecessor Continental GT and the current Panamera Turbo, but I still felt the weight compared to Panamera ... (^ ^;
      Oh yeah! Great lineup ...!
      After all Panamera is easier to ride.

      > Right now I own a Rolls Wraith, but I felt it was more luxurious than Continental
      That's amazing! ! ! That's right!
      My husband also said, "I'll have to go to Rolls-Royce when this happens ..."

      Panamera is a really amazing car.
      The more you ride, the more enjoyable it is.