Now the PS4 Gran Turismo Sport is interesting – we have interviewed GT Sport players and MCs!


PS4 racing gameGran Turismo Sport (GT Sport)Youtube channel "GTsport Broadcasting Station". When I saw a virtual race on this program the other day,Is GT Sport so interesting?"I was shocked.

So this time,MC Riko Otsuka, who plans and operates this channel, and Tatsuya Sugawara, GT Sport playerWe have been interviewed by two people, and have heard various stories.

Addicted to the appeal of GT Sport ...

First of all, could you ask for a brief introduction of yourself?

Sugawara:Yes. I am a 22-year-old third-year college student. Gran Turismo's history ... 16 years this year.

This year,2nd place in FIAGTC 2019 World Tourwas. Currently, I am also an ambassador for Porsche Esports Racing Japan.

RicoA: I am older (laugh) member of society than Sugawara-kun. I usually work on models, MCs and TVs,2019 is the assistant MC of Porsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ) and Porsche Sprint Challenge Japan (PSCJ)I was working.

Although Gran Turismo has only just begun, she is improving her skills under the guidance of Sugawara-kun.

What kind of program is "GT Sport Broadcasting Station"?

Rico: "GT Sport Broadcasting StationIs a YouTube channel of Porsche Esports Racing Japan Authorized.

The medium is youtube,Rather like a radio programis not it. Inviting GT Sport players and various genres as guests to listen to stories, holding GT Sport races with top-level GT Sport players in Japan, etc.A program to enliven and spread the GT sport of PS4What is it?

Sugawara: Riko thinks about the framework and structure of the program, and the rules (rules) of the race are like I decide.

Rico: Of course, there is no script in the race, but for the other parts such as talk, we make a script and conduct meetings and rehearsals beforehand.

It's a very new channel, but I'm really grateful that many people have cooperated.

In a virtual race, you can run a car with the same design as the actual car, right?

Sugawara:GT Sport has a Livery Editor function.This allows you to coordinate the exterior coloring of the car in GT Sport as you like. By publishing the design, users can download and use them freely.

Rico: At GT Sports, there are some professional players who run, and we design the body of the car.Livery craftsmanThere are some people.

Sugawara:Yes Yes. "Livery craftsman], Of course, we also make original coloring,There are also cases that reproduce the coloring of real racing carsThat's right.

I take pictures of the actual car and arrange the design based on it, but I do not abuse, although I do not have permission from the team. So,If you send the finished product to the team, you will be more pleasedIsn't it?

At the PCCJ Virtual Exhibition Match the other day, a car with a real car design was running and it was fun!

Sugawara:Yes. In the race of the other day,I got permission from the PCCJ team in advance and received data, and ran with a car that faithfully reproduced the designHowever, I think that it is usually difficult.

Super Formula is actually a virtual race held by the operating organization itself. In the case of such a race, it would be impossible for us to use the actual car design in the program.

RicoA: For larger races, there are quite a few sponsors and stakeholders, so it's impossible to get permission from everyone.This is what PCCJ can doI think that it is.

PCCJ is very homely in a good way. When I started broadcasting the "GTsport Broadcasting Station", I was told by the owner of the PCCJ team that "Could you give me the actual car data?"When you ask," Okay! "

When I asked the other owners, they all said "Okay! Use!"

And how,16 Liveries in a weekIsn't it? As the owners,This is what PCCJ can do"that's what he said.

The owner of the actual car who saw the program seemed happy.

Rico:That's right. I was reminded of both the face of the person riding the actual car and the face of the person driving inside the GT Sport, which made me feel strange and very happy.

Also,Virtual races held in such a format are very rare, so please contact us for coverage… I feel the attention of my skin.

Why did you decide to start this channel with two people in the first place?

Rico: I asked Sugawara-kunWhy don't you do it together?That was the trigger.

I first met Sugawara about half a year ago. this year,GT Sport Porsche Esports Racing Japan hosts the first season of GT Sport race in JapanIn June, the finals took place at Fuji Speedway in June.

Ten GT Sport players gathered in the finals after winning qualifying rounds nationwide, and Sugawara-kun was among them, and he won.

Sugawara: Although it was dangerous on the way, it was good to win (laugh)

Rico: I had never played GT Sport before, but beforehand, from Porsche Japan, "Thank you for the MC and live commentary of the GT Sport final race"

"Well, wait a minute, what is it?"

(Laughs) If I do MC, I thought I had to know about GT Sport, and from that I bought and practiced PS4 and GT Sport myself, so at the time of the final match, GT Sport I knew what it was ...

When I saw the race on the day with my eyes, I was insanely impressedIt is.

I thought, "It's so cool!" And went out there and went to see the GT Sport tournament.

And gradually,

"Is it possible to convey the existence of such a great GT Sport player and the fun of GT Sport to the world more and spread it?"

I came to think so.

SugawaraA: Before you started the GT Sport Broadcasting Station, I did my own channel. I didn't broadcast regularly, but in my own mood, I almost free-talked, and I sometimes raced and explained how to drive on the circuit.

And at some point in the program,I'm tired of talking alone, so sometimes I want to ask questions and do something like a radio."And leaked.

Rico: I happened to listen to the broadcast and said, "Oh, Sugawara-kun wants to do something like a radio personality!So why not make a radio show together! ?"There is also a desire to create an environment where you can play live at the same time,I immediately contacted Sugawara-kun.

"Do you not start radio program together?"

Then I got a reply saying "Okay," so I decided to do it together.

Sugawara: But I didn't mean "I want to play a radio", but I didn't even think that there were people who bite like this even though I said lightly (laughs)

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